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Cheap Plastic 4 Cell Plant Trays Wholesale Suppliers USA

Plug seedlings are a new seedling technology developed in Europe and the United States in the 1970s(plastic nursery pots). They have become the main method for the production of specialized commercial seedlings in many countries. The so-called plug seedlings are modern seedlings that use light-weight matrix soilless materials such as peat and vermiculite as seedling substrates, mechanized precision seeding, one hole and one grain, and one-time seedlings(105 cell seed starting trays). Compared with the seedlings of the sieve tray, the tray seedlings have shorter transplanting time and relatively lower labor costs, which are suitable for large-scale production.

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(cheap plastic 4 cell plant trays wholesale suppliers usa)The seeds are evenly distributed, the seedling rate is high(plastic nursery pots wholesale), the seed cost is reduced, the crop roots are strong, and the survival rate of transplanting is high. It is deeply loved by everyone, and can be said to be the darling of the nursery field~~ But the seedling raising is not a breeze. Things, these key technical points in the seedling nursery, do you hold it? The seeds sprout in the plugs are inseparable from moisture(32 cell seed starting trays), too much water will cause hypoxia, and insufficient water will inhibit the physiological process of germination.

Both of these conditions can result in uneven seed germination, usually covered with a layer of coarse vermiculite(black plastic nursery pots), matrix or perlite to ensure adequate moisture around the seed and no oxygen deficiency. The length of germination time of the seedlings in the greenhouse depends on the temperature and humidity conditions of the seedbed, crop types, varieties and seed quality. Once the germ is exposed to the substrate(seed plug trays wholesale), it should be removed immediately from the germination chamber or the ambient temperature and humidity should be lowered to prevent seedlings from growing.

(cheap plastic 4 cell plant trays wholesale suppliers usa)The most important job in the seedling production process is water management(plug trays wholesale). However, in the actual work process, it is often done by people with little experience. Watering at inappropriate times or in the wrong way can seriously affect the production of plug seedlings. The water management of plug seedling production generally takes the cotyledon expansion as the dividing line(128 cell seed starter trays). The water management before the cotyledon is unfolded is relatively simple, that is, the lower half of the pore matrix is kept moist.

It is only necessary to control the dry and wet alternating of the matrix in the upper part of the hole(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). After the cotyledons are unfolded, it is necessary to control the lower part of the pore matrix according to environmental changes and plant growth. You can also raise the tray to see if the matrix at the bottom of the tray is dry to determine whether to replenish moisture. By watering, 10% of the water seeps out of the tray and enters the wet cycle(128 cell seedling start trays). When fertilizing or filling, it must be thoroughly poured. When pouring water, it only needs to be poured into the water to flow through the tray.(cheap plastic 4 cell plant trays wholesale suppliers usa)

In general, commercial seedling substrates (such as imported peat, such as Novo seedlings for peat(wholesale nursery pots), are generally added with seedling starter fertilizer) can provide all the nutrients needed before the cotyledons are fully deployed. Because the tray container is small, the rinsing is fast, the pH value of the matrix changes rapidly, and the salt is easily accumulated to damage the root system of the seedling(72 cell seed starting trays). Therefore, we should choose a water-soluble fertilizer with good quality and stability as a nutrient supplement after the cotyledons are fully expanded.

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