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Cheap Plastic 4 Gallon Container Suppliers China

Prune apricot seeds can be fertilized one to two months after germination(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The fertilizer purchased should be diluted as much as possible and still be applied by means of immersion irrigation. If you don't have experience in fertilization, you may not apply fertilizer first(plastic plant pots). When the seedlings of Prunus armeniaca grow a lot, in order to make them absorb enough growth nutrients, they should be divided into pots in time.

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Artificial propagation of pruned apricot can be sown by sowing(seed starter trays). Because pruned apricot is afraid of high temperature and humidity, it is generally not sown in summer to improve the survival rate. Before sowing, spread a layer of sand evenly on the surface of the soil, then wet the sand with a watering can, and then spread the seeds evenly on the sand(buying perlite). Because the seeds of pruned apricot are very small, you can mix the planting with fine sand before sowing.

(cheap plastic 4 gallon container suppliers china)In the germination stage and even seedling stage of prune and apricot, the water should be stable, it should not be too wet to prevent the plant from rotting(square plant pots). Watering should be based on whether the soil is dry or not. It should not be directly watered to prevent the plants from drowning. Instead, the way of soaking should be adopted to let the water slowly penetrate into the soil(72 cell seed trays). Slowly moisten the basin soil from the small hole at the bottom of the basin.

Sometimes, the roots of the young seedlings of Prunus armeniaca grow to the surface of the soil, which is the need to gently bury the roots into the soil(plastic terracotta pots). Because apricots like enough sunshine and can't be exposed to the sun, we should pay attention to shade the seedlings in summer(18 cell seed starting trays). When the weather is very hot, you can put a water pan at the bottom of the flowerpot and water it to keep the bottom moist. The lower leaves of the stem are easy to fall off.

To maintain the glaze hall, the basin soil should be kept moist(seed starting trays). Do not wet it when it is dry. If possible, apply fertilizer once a month. During the high temperature period in summer, the growth of Liuli hall began to be very slow, but not dormant. In winter, when the ambient temperature is above 10 ℃, the glaze hall can still grow normally(20 cell seed trays). When the temperature is 5-10 ℃, it grows slowly, and when the temperature is below 5 ℃, it stops growing.(cheap plastic 4 gallon container suppliers china)

When the branches and apricot seeds germinate, the seedlings are relatively fragile, so we must carefully manage them(plastic plant trays wholesale). The pot soil is a mixture of rotten leaf soil, culture soil and coarse sand, with a small amount of dry cow dung and bone meal added. It can survive safely when the temperature is not lower than 8 ℃ in winter(40 cell seed trays). It also has certain resistance to the hot and sultry weather in summer. Because of the slow growth, the pots were changed every 2 years.

(cheap plastic 4 gallon container suppliers china)In the cultivation, it is better to have enough and bright scattered light, otherwise the leaves will turn red and the ornamental value will be reduced(5 gallon pot). The culture soil should have good water retention and avoid being too sticky. When planting, the basin should not be too small, and the watering should not be small or large(vertical strawberry planters). Waxy peony is a kind of succulent plant with good cold resistance. It should be noted that the waxy peony is a succulent plant.

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