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Cheap Plastic 4 Gallon Plant Pot Suppliers In China

Select a special pot and add a bit of ingenuity to present different styles, and let it climb on the wall or tree trunk to beautify(7 gallon container). Hanging in front of the door and in the living room, the potted Qian Teng is green and cool, making your living room full of vitality all year round(9cm flower pots). Its leaves are like small copper coins strung up one by one, and because it does not need any special management skills, it is very good to support, and it is the choice of many novices!

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How to water the potted qianteng? Naturally, although qianteng likes to be wet, it is very afraid of standing water, so you can see wet when you water it(2 gallon pots for plants). You can spray water on its leaves and around every day to increase the air humidity. Qianqianteng has strong drought resistance, and its substrate can not be too wet for a long time, especially in rainy season(9cm plant pots). Otherwise, it may cause root system and branches to rot or weaken their growth.

(cheap plastic 4 gallon plant pot suppliers in china)Therefore, it is necessary to control the dry and fully irrigated tableland by watering(nursery pots). So, when cultivating, we should pay attention not to over watering. Usually, the cultivation failure is due to over watering, which causes the root system and branches to decay and weaken gradually(injection molded nursery pots). Therefore, we suggest that we should wait for the medium to dry out and then pour it through again. It does not need to be watered frequently.

It affects the ornamental value. Water thoroughly(five gallon container). The leaves will be more green if you give enough sunshine for maintenance. If the temperature is lower than 10 ℃, it is necessary to move to a warmer place and reduce the frequency of watering to avoid cold damage. We can generally exist when the temperature is low in the deep winter, and lighter when the temperature is high(20 gallon pots). More watering has happened, less watering is lighter.(cheap plastic 4 gallon plant pot suppliers in china)

During spring and summer, Douban green, also known as round leaf capsaicin and capsaicin, belongs to the long-term green plant of pepper family(garden pots suppliers). This kind of plant is small and lovely, with big water and sun. It is also green and green, but in winter, a heavy snow will freeze to death(15 gallon pots). We must know that Douban green is not afraid of cold, not afraid of heat, not afraid of snow. Qianteng likes warm and humid environment, but it is very afraid of water accumulation.

(cheap plastic 4 gallon plant pot suppliers in china)Pay attention to dilution. When curing, it can spray water on the leaves to increase air humidity(buy cheap plant pots). Qianteng is a semi shade plant. It is best to put it under the eaves and windowsills with scattered light or shade. Of course, more sun exposure in spring and autumn will help to narrow the pitch, make the plant compact and leaves plump(1 gallon pots). It's good to put it on the windowsill like the figure below. When there is strong light, it can be covered by curtains.

As for chuanqiantengxi thin fertilizer, the diluted liquid fertilizer can be applied once a month(square black plastic plant pots). Do not sprinkle the undiluted liquid fertilizer on the leaves during the use, or the high concentration of salt environment will kill the ugly spots on the leaves of epidermal cells(10 gallon pots). The cultivation medium with good drainage and air permeability can be mixed with sapropel + perlite, and some vermiculite can be added if conditions permit.(cheap plastic 4 gallon plant pot suppliers in china)

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