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Cheap Plastic 4 Gallon Planter Suppliers France

Because the wet curtain fan cools down according to the evaporation of water(garden pots), the high temperature and high humidity of the Yangtze River Delta "sauna days", this method is not ideal in the Yangtze River Delta region, which is also a headache for manufacturers in this area The problem(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). At present, whether using a wet curtain fan or spray cooling, the production of high humidity will limit its function.

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In the past two years, spray cooling equipment has been installed in many greenhouses in Shanghai(plug trays), Wuhan, Kunshan and other places. Not only that, but also many companies in Shanxi, Shaanxi, and North China are installing this equipment. In the past two years, the temperature has become higher and higher(black plastic plant pots), the industry has a deeper understanding of the effect of this cooling method, and its acceptance has become higher and higher.(cheap plastic 4 gallon planter suppliers france)

According to the introduction, the installation height of the spray head in the spray system is ideal at 3.5 meters(growers pots). In order to achieve a good cooling effect, attention should also be paid to the installation position of the spray nozzle. In order to seek a better cooling method, the industry has started to pay attention to spray cooling in the past two years(5 gallon grow pots), he mainly chose calcium chloride, and more and more greenhouses have already used this cooling method.

(cheap plastic 4 gallon planter suppliers france)In a greenhouse, the temperature in the area above two meters from the ground can sometimes reach 60 ° C in summer, which is a very harsh environmental condition(seed starting trays). The spray system can atomize water at normal temperature and spray the spray at a temperature above 10 ° C(72 cell seed trays). Water, in conjunction with the ventilation equipment and air circulation equipment in the greenhouse, enables air convection exchange, thereby achieving effective cooling.

Enterprises have installed a suitable spray cooling system, which has become an indispensable way to cool the greenhouse in summer(square nursery pots). Matching the spray cooling system is that the greenhouse needs to have good air convection and ventilation equipment. Only when the air is fully convected, the atomized water can achieve cold and heat exchange and achieve a cooling effect(greenhouse pots). If there is no good air convection in the greenhouse, excessive humidity will affect the spray cooling effect.

A feasibility study of the dehumidification and cooling system for cooling the greenhouse has been carried out(perlite for gardening). He added a dehumidification chamber outside the location where the greenhouse wet curtain is installed. The air entering the wet curtain is first dehumidified to reduce the humidity of the air before entering the greenhouse(heavy duty plant pots). Therefore, according to the practical experience of multiple projects, it is in a greenhouse with an overall height of about 6 meters.

At present, it is found that, considering the cost of the dehumidification and cooling system, which is a cheaper, renewable industrial dehumidifier(plastic growing trays). However, how the whole set fits into the current greenhouse structure, so it needs to be further improved. At the same time, the wet curtain is installed a little higher(vertical garden pots). In addition, the relative humidity is high and the evaporation effect is poor, so that the original cooling system can play a more ideal role.(cheap plastic 4 gallon planter suppliers france)

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