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It is silky and shaped like acupuncture, hence the name Flammulina(10 inch plastic plant pots). Flammulina velutipes is rich in nutrients, and the amino acid content per 100g of dried mushrooms is 20.9g. The essential amino acids of the human body account for 44.5% of the total amino acids, the lysine content reaches 1.024g, and the arginine content reaches 1.231g(2 gallon plant pot), which can promote children's mental development. It is known as "Py.

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In recent years(commercial plant pots), the occurrence of miscellaneous bacteria in Flammulina velutipes production is generally heavier, causing certain losses. Aiming at the problem of dyeing in Flammulina velutipes production, it is for reference by the majority of edible fungi producers. Because the surface of the colony is green to varying degrees(4 gallon nursery pots), it is called "green mold" or "green flower hair", which is widely found in nature and is produced in soil and wood.

(cheap plastic 4 inch pots wholesale supplier)In the late fall or early spring or early spring in nature(128 cell trays), the floc is then changed to gray-brown to black, and the suitable temperature for growth is 25-30 °C, and the relative humidity is 90%-100%. The colonies are yellow-green and the optimum growth temperature range is 40-45 °C. A kind of miscellaneous bacteria often found in the air(greenhouse plant trays). The colony is white in the beginning, powdery and granular, and then becomes fluffy, orange-red.

Flammulina velutipes, also known as Pleurotus ostreatus, bacterium or mushroom(heavy duty plant trays), is often found in the branches of dried leaves or stumps of broad-leaved trees. When the temperature is around 25 °C, the growth and reproduction are extremely fast, and one generation can be completed in 2 to 3 days(72 cell plug trays). The strain itself carries bacteria, and the bacteria are brought into the medium to cause pollution when the inoculation is expanded.

Conidia often stick to a pile and spread through mushroom flies and mites, mainly affecting mushroom fruiting bodies(2 gallon plastic pots). The pathogen invaded from the base of the stipe, and the spotted small spots appeared at the base of the initial stage, and then gradually expanded, the color deepened(large black plant pots), and finally turned into dark brown rot, and the pathogens mostly appeared in clusters, causing the mushroom body to fall. Bacterial diseases.(cheap plastic 4 inch pots wholesale supplier)

Also known as root rot, bacterial disease. It is a disease confined to the cover of the bacteria, producing dark brown spots(cheap grow pots). When the depressed spots are dry, the cover is easy to dry and form a deformed mushroom. The inoculation environment is not completely sterilized, the inoculum or tools are carried, and the bacteria brought in by the operator(seedling trays), so that the indoor spores fall into the vicinity of the bag to cause pollution.

(cheap plastic 4 inch pots wholesale supplier)The colony is white in the beginning, also known as black mold(cheap small plant pots), long hairy fungus, mycelium grows rapidly, can spread widely inside and outside the matrix, can extend about 3cm per day, the initial white, and later turned grayish white to black. Especially in high temperature, high humidity and poor ventilation, the mycelium grows weakly at the initial stage of growth(plastic planter pots), so that the bacteria can take advantage of it and spread rapidly.

The medium conditions are not suitable(grow pots for sale). The pathogens are widely used in soil and air, and the optimum growth temperature is about 22 °C. The medium was too wet and the ventilation conditions were poor. Material area water. The medium is not completely sterilized, and the symptoms of contamination appear in the bag(propagation trays australia). The colonies grow rapidly, and a generation can be completed in 2 to 3 days at a temperature of about 25 °C.

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