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The ornamental value of potted green radish is very high(nursery plant pots). Green radish is an acid-loving plant. We can also promote the growth by applying beer to it, so that its stems and leaves grow brighter and greener, and the application value of potted plants is improved as a whole(72 cell trays bulk). However, in addition to soil culture, green radish can also be hydroponically cultivated.

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After all, since the beer solution is applied to the hydroponic green radish(105 cell trays bulk), the pathogen will naturally grow under the water culture environment of the green radish, thereby invading the roots of the green radish, thereby causing rotten roots. Since the green radish can be used to irrigate beer, spray beer, or even use beer to wipe the leaves, can the green radish cultured as a hydroponic culture be poured into beer(98 cell trays bulk)? What about nutrient solution?(cheap plastic 40 cell plug flats wholesale)

Although the soil-planted green radish can be poured with beer(large plastic terracotta pots), it is not suitable for pouring water for hydroponic green radish. Beer should not be used as a nutrient solution for hydroponic green radish. Because if you apply beer in hydroponic green radish, it is often easier to cause the water quality to deteriorate(128 cell trays bulk). Green radish prefers a clean and clean water environment, which will seriously affect its normal growth when the water quality is destroyed.

(cheap plastic 40 cell plug flats wholesale)How long does it take to water the green winter(162 cell trays bulk)? It has a good decorative effect in the room, and it can eliminate indoor harmful gases and make the air fresher and more natural. Can the hydroponic green radish be dripped into some beer when changing water? At the same time, it is necessary to spend the summer in a semi-shade environment(gallon pot). However, it usually grows better in a slightly acidic soil environment. 

Not only that, because beer contains a lot of sugar and ethanol, if the concentration of dilution is not scientific(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), it will also have a negative impact on the growth of the plant. However, although we can't apply beer solution to hydroponic green radish, we can use beer to wipe the leaves, which can make the leaves more clean and clean(cell trays), thus improving the ability to exchange air through the leaves, which is harmful to the growth of green radish. of.

If you are in the south, the winter is not cold, and the humidity is not low, the green radish will grow very well in most cases(square grow pots). The flower buds found that the green radish was watered more, and the big leaf green radish when the stem vines covered the brown column and the tip was about 20 cm beyond the brown column(200 cell trays bulk), slightly larger than the cutting branch, avoiding exposure, and the potted big green radish grew indoors for a long time.(cheap plastic 40 cell plug flats wholesale)

After all, potted green radish is not very strict on the potting soil(plastic plant trays wholesale), whether it is slightly acidic or alkaline, as long as the water and fertilizer can keep up, it will generally maintain normal growth. It can be mixed with some river sand using humus soil, peat soil, garden soil, etc., so that the pot soil can be fertile and loose, breathable and permeable(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), and it is not easy to cause compaction. In fact, this is completely ok.

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