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Cheap Plastic 5 Gallon Planting Pots Wholesale

Tulips are a very beautiful flowering plant, and there are so many varieties, so the color is very rich(plastic nursery pots). Today, Xiaobian will share with you the methods and processes of tulip bulb breeding. I hope to help everyone. Because it is usually necessary to choose a seed that looks smoother and more complete(162 cell trays bulk), and that feels very full. Because such bulbs tend to be more germinated, they grow better after emergence.(cheap plastic 5 gallon planting pots wholesale)

Before planting with the bulb, the bulb should be soaked in the carbendazim solution for sterilization(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The bulbs are inevitably infected with some harmful bacteria during transportation or storage. The drug is soaked and most of the bacteria are killed. Generally, it is diluted with water at a ratio of 1:1000 and soaked for about half an hour(288 cell trays bulk). After soaking the bulbs, take them out to dry the water and plant them directly in the pot.

However, the tulip bulbs generally need to be treated with low temperature to germinate smoothly(black plastic nursery pots). The tulip bulbs purchased from the flower market are generally treated through this step, so they can be directly cultivated in the pot after being usually sterilized. You can ask the merchant clearly when purchasing the bulb, and then start(200 cell trays bulk). The soil used to cultivate tulip bulbs must be fertile and porous, breathable and permeable, and should not be knotted.

(cheap plastic 5 gallon planting pots wholesale)If the soil looseness is too poor, it is easy to inhibit the rooting and germination of the bulb(plug trays wholesale). We generally use general soil, peat soil, perlite, mixed in a ratio of 3:1:1, and then mix and use, so that the soil prepared is loose and not easy to form. Use a flower pot to plant tulip bulbs(20 cell trays bulk). The pots should be chosen well. The original should not be too large, and should not be too small. Generally, a 1 gallon flower pot can be used.

If the flower pot is too small(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the nutrients in the soil will be less, and it is easy to cause nutrient concentration after pouring water and fertilizer. First, a layer of larger particles of ceramsite or stones, tiles, and then a layer of soil on the bottom of the basin(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). Then evenly spread more than 10 slow-release fertilizers as the base fertilizer, and then continue to cover a layer of soil, mix the fertilizer with the soil, and continue to fill the soil.

(cheap plastic 5 gallon planting pots wholesale)After applying water and fertilizer, it is easy to cause nutrients to be too scattered(wholesale nursery pots). Until the soil thickness reaches about 8-10 cm. Put the bulbs of the tulip in the pot, and put 3 kinds of bulbs in the pot with a diameter of about 15 cm, and make sure that the buds of the bulbs are facing up. After the bulb is placed, continue filling until it is 2-3 cm away from the basin(112 cell trays bulk). After planting the bulbs, water the pots in a timely manner, and then you will find some looseness in the loose soil.

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