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Cheap Plastic 5 Gallon Pots Bulk Buy

It can be propagated by cutting, and the cuttings can also be inserted and inserted(black plastic nursery pots). In the previous article, how to raise rich bamboo is easy to grow roots and not yellow leaves, Xiaobian for everyone to illustrate the method of water cutting cultivation of rich bamboo, today for everyone to talk about the method of cultivation of rich bamboo(12.5cm plastic grow pots). The soil of Fuguizhu should be carried out between late January and mid-February.

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For cutting of rich bamboo, take the bladeless stem as a cutting branch, the length should be 5-10 cm, retain more than 3 knots(cell trays), cut the base into a slant, and then apply root water on the wound section. Since rich bamboo likes loose and breathable soil, it is recommended to choose earthenware pot or purple sand pot(13cm plastic grow pots), you can use plastic pot, as long as the bottom of the pot is well drained. The above can only be winter.(cheap plastic 5 gallon pots bulk buy)

It is even possible to prepare the soil in a ratio of 1 part sand + 4 parts garden soil + 5 parts of humus soil(1 gallon nursery pots bulk), and then some crushed egg shells can be placed in the soil as the base fertilizer. Insert the previously prepared cuttings directly into the soil pots, but in addition to the rooting water is not enough, it is recommended to apply some ash or sulphur powder to the wound section(14cm plastic grow pots). The incision should be smooth, the rich bamboo is thick and thick, and the posture is chic. 

It can be directly exposed to the ground, and the roots can be germinated usually after one month(plastic nursery pots). After inserting, keep the flower pots in the semi-shade and pay attention to proper water spray for moisturizing purposes. As long as the humidity is suitable, it will grow long after 1-2 weeks, and the survival rate is very high(15cm plastic grow pots). Generally, plant nutrient solution will be selected during breeding. As for the frequency of fertilization, it can be applied once every three to four weeks.(cheap plastic 5 gallon pots bulk buy) 

It is recommended to keep the temperature below 5 °C in winter, and increase the light appropriately(wholesale nursery pots). If the long-term lack of light will cause the leaves to lose their luster, usually water is poured once every 3-5 days, and more water is sprayed to moisturize; once every half month, a thin one is applied. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium water and fertilizer; in winter, water and fertilizer should be controlled(16cm plastic grow pots). For water-rich and rich bamboos, we also mentioned above.

(cheap plastic 5 gallon pots bulk buy)Of course, it is also suitable for cutting in the end of March(plug trays), and as the temperature gradually warms up, the rich bamboo likes to grow in a warm and damp environment, pay attention to control the light temperature during the curing process, and the rich bamboo likes the fertile and loose sandy loam(16.5cm plastic grow pots). The flower friends can buy the foliage plant fertilizer, and after the new leaves are sprouted, they can be placed in a place where astigmatism can be taken for maintenance.

There are many flower friends who like to plant different kinds, such as olive trees, but many flower friends do not know how to raise olive trees(120mm plastic grow pots). In fact, olive trees can only be potted in most places in the country, because olive trees are not cold-resistant and need to be at zero. Olive tree pots need to meet the two basic conditions of ventilation and sunshine(19cm plastic grow pots). The olive trees are light and dry, so they are suitable for light and airy balconies or windows.(cheap plastic 5 gallon pots bulk buy)

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