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Cheap Plastic 5 Gallon Tree Pots Manufacturer

In summer, the rubber tree has a strong top advantage and is easy to form an upright shape(1 gallon grow bags). Rubber trees have strong plasticity, and proper pruning can shape plants with high appreciation value. The adaptability of rubber tree is very strong, which is the most common flower in family or hall, but the appearance of rubber tree is very important(105 cell seed trays wholesale). In the process of maintenance, if we don't pay attention to the description of its shape, it will greatly reduce its ornamental value.

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It can be pruned at the end of spring and the beginning of summer(5 inch nursery pots). The top can not be cut off. Keep the shape of the tree. You can cut off its side branches (you can cut them off) and continue to prune and promote according to your own growth pattern. The pruning shape of rubber tree is not achieved overnight(stacking flower pots). It needs to use all kinds of methods properly according to the specific situation of growth, and often roll the flowerpot to prevent the branches and leaves from growing towards one side.

(cheap plastic 5 gallon tree pots manufacturer)In this way, we can adjust the balance of the tree(black plastic planters). We always admire the rubber trees of other people's houses. They grow well and look beautiful. That's just that they always pay more attention to maintenance. The longer and higher, the side buds will be in a long-term latent state and can not germinate into side branches Therefore, in the early stage of rubber tree growth(200 cell seed trays wholesale), the top must be removed in time to promote the germination of lateral branches.

Master the principle of strong side heading(plastic hanging baskets suppliers), strong branch heavy cutting, weak branch light cutting and small branch multi retaining, so as to achieve the purpose of highlighting the trunk and accelerating the growth of trees. Rubber tree has a strong top advantage, so it is difficult to sprout its lateral buds(9cm pots). If we don't pay attention to shaping and pruning, it is easy to grow vertically and upward, forming an upright plant shape, and it is easy to lose its ornamental value.

The vertical growth of rubber tree can be changed by coring to promote the germination of lateral buds(nursery tray). The method of pruning 1 / 3 or 1 / 2 of the whole upper part of the main branch to promote the germination of lateral branches. Generally, 2-3 lateral buds near the top of the branch are easy to germinate, and the tree is cup-shaped or letter Y-shaped when the lateral branches grow out(decorating plastic plant pots). For the pruning of rubber trees, the coring operation is relatively easy.(cheap plastic 5 gallon tree pots manufacturer)

If it is not reshaped, the rubber tree will grow very fast. When the rubber tree grows to a suitable height, it is usually 30-50 cm high(hydroponic tray). After 2-3 years, large plants with complete and round shape can be obtained. In the actual pruning operation of rubber trees, according to the needs of summing up the shape, we should select the bare part of the main branch for cutting (commonly known as shell bud(9cm flower pots), which can promote the germination of the lower bud of the cutting part to form a lateral branch).

(cheap plastic 5 gallon tree pots manufacturer)When the angle of the branch is too large due to the cutting of the bud(tree pot price), it can make the branch to the appropriate angle, and the cutting is mainly used for strong branches and thick branches, while the thin and weak branches are generally not used. We should pay attention to restrain its height growth and promote the lateral branches to change the shape. Rubber tree has a very strong top advantage(32 cell seed trays wholesale). If it is not pruned in time, the main stem will be a unique branch. 

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