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We just eat the spicy and delicious broad beans(nursery plant pots). Have you ever thought about how the broad beans are made out? In the process of planting broad beans, what fertilizer is not available? What kind of fertilization is better? We have compiled the following knowledge(black plastic plant pots). The soil conditions required for the growth of broad bean are micro-alkaline and fertile, the soil has a thick clay loam, and the soil pH value is 6.2 to 8.

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Topdressing should look at seedling fertilization. We will be very common for broad beans(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). The soil is deeper and the nodule is formed earlier. Rhizobium can be inoculated in conditions where conditions permit. First, in the bean crop field, the plants with no disease and good growth are selected during the flowering period, and the roots are dug out(seed starting trays). The larger pink nodules on the roots are selected, and dried in the dark and kept for use. It takes 15-20 strains of root nodules on 1 bean.

When the broad beans are inoculated, these nodules are mashed, added with water and mixed thoroughly(greenhouse supplies pots), and evenly mixed on the broad bean seeds to avoid direct sunlight. The second method is to remove the topsoil from the field where the broad beans were planted in the previous year and withdraw it into the seeding ditch(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). About 1 mu of broad beans need about 100 kg of topsoil. In addition, the relevant research units also have a supply of rhizobial strains.(cheap plastic 50 cell plug trays manufacturer)

Fine soil preparation before sowing can make the soil soft, which is beneficial to the expansion of roots and the formation of nodules(square nursery pots). It can be mixed with rhizobium agent, 25-75 grams per acre, evenly mixed with seeds, and mixed with the soil, with the cover soil, avoiding sunlight. It combines 1000-2000 kg of farmyard manure with cultivated farmland and 60 kg of compound fertilizer of Yanyangtian as base fertilizer(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The effect of increasing the yield is very obvious.

(cheap plastic 50 cell plug trays manufacturer)Broad bean is a crop that requires more fertilizer(plastic grow pots). The flowering period of broad bean is the peak period of fertilizer requirement and the most cumulative period of dry matter accumulation. In addition, broad beans require more trace elements and are sensitive to reactions(propagation tray). In order to improve the soil structure, the base fertilizer ensures that the bean sprouts are Qi, Quan, Zhuang, and lays a foundation for branching, flowering, pod-forming and high-yield production.

If the seedlings grow poorly at the seedling stage(seed starter trays), they can apply 10 kg of urea per acre in 3-4 true leaves to promote seedling growth and nodule formation. In the flowering and pod-forming stage, the growth and development is fast, the nutrients are absorbed the most, and the rhizobial activity is the most vigorous(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). In order to ensure the supply of nutrients for flowering pods and fullness of seeds, 5-10 kg of urea should be applied per mu, and sunny day compound fertilizer 20 Kilograms are suitable for early flowering.(cheap plastic 50 cell plug trays manufacturer)

Then the peasant friend must be especially in the usual life(flat plastic tray). With the sowing and covering the soil, the root system of the broad bean is more developed. If the leaf color is dark green and the growth is strong, it can be applied less or not. In addition, in the late growth stage of broad bean, root dressing can be carried out(5 gallon nursery pots bulk), and about 0.1% ammonium molybdate solution or 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution 0.2 kg or 0.05% borax solution is used in the bud and the initial flowering period.

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