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First, let us look at the shortcomings of conventional seedlings: in the conventional seedling production(36 cell trays bulk), the stolon seedlings are directly rooted in the soil of the surrounding seedlings centered on the mother plant, and the mother plants are radially distributed, and the seedlings younger than the mother plants are younger. The smaller. This kind of seedling growth and development in the high temperature and rainy from July to August(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), easy to grow long and infected with anthrax and other diseases, the breeding of seedlings is more and more weak, the quality of flower bud differentiation is poor.

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(cheap plastic 6 cell seed trays wholesale supplier)Let me talk about the benefits of the substrate plug seedlings(40 cell trays bulk). The high survival rate can reach more than 95% or even 100%. It can be transported over long distances. The roots and leaves of the seedlings will not be dehydrated. Planted, unlike naked seedlings, they have to hurry and plant them. The substrate plugs can be planted for three days to make new roots. There is no need to slow down the seedlings, the seedlings are neat(wholesale nursery pots), the flower buds are early and tidy, and they are mature earlier than ordinary naked seedlings. Days, basically no need to replenish seedlings.

The output is of high quality and the selling price is high. Seeing that the seedlings have so many benefits(40 cell tray in bulk), do you want to try again? Don't worry, don't worry about technology, don't delay. First, let's take a look at a live video, how the substrate nursery is operated. Strawberry seedling substrate seedlings require plastic greenhouses to ventilate and transmit light; when the temperature is high, the shed film on both sides of the greenhouse is rolled up about 1 m from the ground and enclosed by insect nets(plastic nursery pots). The roof of the shed covers the shade net.

(cheap plastic 6 cell seed trays wholesale supplier)Drainage ditch should be dug around the greenhouse to prevent heavy rain from being poured into the shed in summer(51 cell trays bulk), which will adversely affect the growth of strawberry seedlings. Preparation of seedling substrate. The seedling substrate can be prepared by using a ratio or a special seedling substrate, and the ratio can be prepared by mixing the charcoal: vermiculite: perlite with a volume ratio of 2:1:1. It is also possible to purchase specialized seedling substrates for commodities(plastic nursery pots wholesale). After the matrix is prepared, it is placed in the seedling tray and required to be compacted as much as possible.

It is advisable to select a 32-hole tray for the tray(104 cell trays bulk). The strawberry mother plant is cultivated in a nutrient bowl (or flower pot), and the seedlings are planted in a seedling tray. The mother plants are arranged in a row of nutrients (or pots), placed in a plastic greenhouse in a north-south direction. The seedling nutrient tray is placed on both sides of the mother plant's nutrient bowl or flower pot, and each side is arranged in 4 rows(black plastic nursery pots). In the first row, the seedlings were 25 to 30 cm away from the mother plant, and the distance between the seedlings and the nutrient line was 20 cm.(cheap plastic 6 cell seed trays wholesale supplier)

The mother plant is drip-irrigated with water(72 cell seed starting trays), and the drip irrigation belt is placed close to the root of the strawberry mother plant. The seedlings can be watered by drip irrigation, and the drip irrigation belt can be placed in the same way as the mother plant, or artificial pipe can be used. The seedlings (mother plants) should choose the first-generation seedlings of the breeding original species, and the virus-preventing seedlings with 4 to 5 leaves should be used as the mother plants(plug trays wholesale). For breeding and production of seedlings, the original generation of seedlings should be selected as the mother plant with strong roots, developed roots, 4 to 5 leaves and no pests.

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