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Before sowing, we keep the rootstock and the scion growing in the same way(seed starting trays), and it is best to spray the nutrient substrate with water and keep the substrate moist. After sowing, there are 5 to 6 true leaves in the rootstock seedlings, and grafted when there are 4 to 5 true leaves in the ear(nursery plant pots). Common grafting tools include double-sided blades, grafting clips, graft sleeves, agricultural plastic film, shade nets, etc.

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1 day before grafting, the rootstock seedlings were poured into the water(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), and the fungicide was sprayed once to remove the diseased seedlings and weak seedlings. First remove the rootstock blade of the rootstock, cut it horizontally above the second true leaf(greenhouse supplies pots), and cut the 1.0-1.5 cm incision vertically in the center of the transverse stem, then retain the two leaves and one heart of the scion, and cut into a scorpion shape with a blade.

(cheap plastic 7 gallon container wholesale supplier)Form a knife to keep the cut surface flat(propagation tray). In order to prevent infection, in addition to the selection of disease-resistant varieties, during the operation, attention should be paid to the disinfection of tools and the prohibition of smoking and littering. The autumn grafting is carried out in August. At this time, the temperature is as high as 27-35 °C, and the light is strong(plastic grow pots). Temperature and humidity management is the key factor to improve the graft survival rate.

When grafting, it is necessary to graft with the cover film and shade net to moisturize and cool down to prevent the grafted seedlings from wilting(black plastic plant pots). The bevel length is the same as the depth of the rootstock incision, and the scion is then carefully inserted into the rootstock incision and aligned with a grafting clip(flat plastic tray). Open the small arch shed at the ends of the morning to ventilate for 20 to 30 minutes and then cover the shade.(cheap plastic 7 gallon container wholesale supplier)

Within 5 to 7 days after grafting, the temperature should be maintained at 25 to 28 ° C during the day and 16 to 20 ° C at night(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and the relative humidity should be maintained at 90%(plant start trays wholesale). Watering on the straw curtain at noon on sunny days can not only reduce the temperature in the small arch shed (can be reduced by 5~10 °C than the ambient temperature), but also increase the humidity and keep the humidity above 85%.

(cheap plastic 7 gallon container wholesale supplier)After grafting for 7 days, the shading was gradually reduced(square nursery pots). After 10 days, the normal seedling management was carried out, and the rootstock axillary buds were removed in time, and the uninactivated seedlings and susceptible seedlings were removed(32 cell seed starter trays). In the autumn, when it is rainy, it is necessary to plow the soil during the sowing and seedling cultivation, and when the soil is suitable for the plough, the plough will be deepened and the soil will be applied.

The machine is burrowed into small sorghum(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), and the mulch is covered with the mulch to be planted after ridges to avoid the situation that it cannot be planted in the continuous rainy days after the breeding of the seedlings. If fertilization is carried out by drip irrigation or sprinkler irrigation, the pipeline is laid before the film is covered(72 cell propagation trays). When planting, you should choose a healthy seedling that is well-healed and grows normally.(cheap plastic 7 gallon container wholesale supplier)

Grafting can be operated indoors or under the shade of the arch shed to avoid rain and rain(seed starter trays). Pay attention to cover the sunshade net and straw curtain. 667m2 application of 100kg ternary compound fertilizer (15-15-15), 1500 kg of high-quality organic fertilizer such as decomposed chicken manure, evenly applied(200 cell seed starting trays). 1 to 2 days before transplanting, spray a broad-spectrum fungicide on the whole seedbed to prevent root rotting and disease, and choose to plant in sunny afternoon or cloudy day. 

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