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Cheap Plastic 7 Gallon Nursery Pots Suppliers USA

At present, the propagation of special red broccoli mainly uses asexual propagation, ie cutting propagation, without seed production(perlite price). The upper leaves of the cuttings are properly trimmed to remove 1-2 pieces at the base. Each cutting is required to contain 2 lateral buds, that is, 2 leaves(1 gallon plant pots). The upper end of the cutting is cut flat to remove the top buds and promote the occurrence of lateral buds. 

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Fill it into a 72-hole tray or a 6cm × 6cm nutrient bowl, and use a pressure-pressing tool to press a cutting hole with a depth of about 3cm on each seedling hole(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). The prepared cuttings were immersed in a beaker containing 700 mg / L NAA or 200 mg / L IAA for 30 seconds to accelerate propagation of cuttings and cultivate strong seedlings(1.5 gallon pots). Under 20-25 ℃, the seedlings are cultivated in about 20 days, and transplanted with soil.

(cheap plastic 7 gallon nursery pots suppliers usa)If the relative humidity exceeds 95%, it is likely to cause disease(1020 tray). In daily management, the frequency, time and amount of watering should be determined in combination with local climatic conditions and fertilization. After that, the lower end is cut obliquely into a 45 ° bevel, and 1/2 of the leaf is cut perpendicular to the direction of the main vein of the leaf(2 gallon plant pots). If the water transpiration is reduced, it is beneficial to survival.

In South China, the temperature and humidity in spring and summer are high, and the transpiration of the plant is large(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). It should be watered every morning and evening. Specific method: water before 10:00 am and after 3 pm, watering once every time. When it is higher than 35 ℃ or lower than 10 ℃, the plant growth is slow(5 gallon pot). When it is lower than 3 ℃, the aerial part will be damaged by freezing. Insert into the cuttings, and the insertion depth is 3cm.

After cuttings survive, apply thin fertilizers according to the weather and seedling growth conditions, and spray nitrogenous foliar fertilizers(seed starting trays). Red broccoli is a light plant, but because the root system is not formed at the cutting seedling stage, when the light is too strong, it is not conducive to the survival of the plant, and it should be covered in time(15 gallon plant pot). Red broccoli is more resistant to high temperature. The suitable growth temperature is 20 ~ 30 ℃.(cheap plastic 7 gallon nursery pots suppliers usa)

Red watercress loves a humid environment, and the relative humidity in the shed should be controlled at about 85%(plastic plant pots). Cuttings can increase the CO2 concentration in the shed and increase the photosynthesis of cuttings, which is conducive to the survival of cuttings(3 gallon pots). Common diseases and insect pests of red cabbage include virus disease, fusarium wilt, leaf spot, root rot, gray mold, anthracnose, soft rot, aphids, leaf miner fly and Spodoptera litura, etc.

(cheap plastic 7 gallon nursery pots suppliers usa)The principle of "mainly, comprehensive prevention and control" of plant protection policy gives priority to agricultural control, physical control, biological control, and rational use of chemical control(288 cell propagation trays wholesale).  Finally, it is necessary to carry out management in strict accordance with production rules and regulations, and not to create conditions for the breeding of diseases and insect pests(10 gallon nursery pots). The daily management should be based on prevention.

First of all, vegetables should be made from strong branches of pest-free plants for cuttings, with little or no phosphorus and potassium fertilizers(plastic plant trays wholesale). Secondly, we should scientifically and rationally fertilize, ventilate and control humidity, keep the nursery facilities clean, and do a good job of sterilization and disinfection before production(4 gallon pots). Furthermore, we should control the environment of the nursery sites to ensure that weeds are not overgrown and drainage is good.

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