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Sweet peppers I believe that everyone has heard that sweet peppers are different from other peppers(plug trays). The taste of sweet peppers is not only not spicy, but also has the advantages of high yield and considerable economic benefits. It is a vegetable that is very suitable for planting and cultivation(7 gallon pots distributor). In addition, the higher the temperature, the fruit setting rate of the sweet pepper is not very high.

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Because the roots of sweet peppers are weak, it is necessary to maintain sufficient soil permeability of the cultivated soil(14 gallon pots distributor), which is beneficial to promote the rooting development of sweet peppers. In the summer, the temperature is higher, which is not conducive to ridge planting, easy to burn the root system(bulk 4 gallon pots), and the use of flat cultivating, but can not maintain its poor permeability, can be described as difficult.

It is recommended that you can use biological bacterial fertilizer to improve the soil(black plastic nursery pots), promote the effect of rooting, and cultivate strong fruit, which can greatly reduce the probability of occurrence of low fruit setting. In general, temperatures above 35 °C can lead to poor differentiation of sweet peppers(15 gallon pots distributor), uneven pollination, and thus affect the fruit setting rate, so temperature control within 35 ° C is necessary.

Therefore, measures to control the water can be used to ensure that the soil is dry and wet, and the plants are controlled(gallon planters supplier). At present, it is precisely because of the rich vitamins of sweet peppers and good market value, and now it is near the Dragon Boat Festival, which belongs to the season of mangling(1 gallon plant pots distributor). In the high temperature season in summer, the sweet pepper must control the temperature, otherwise it is easy to fall and fall.

The commonly used control agent can help the sturdiness or short stature(cell trays), not only can inhibit the growth of vegetative growth, but also promote the cultivation of strong trees, and can promote reproductive growth, which is conducive to improving the fruit setting rate of sweet pepper(bulk half gallon pots). Xiao Bian here reminds everyone that these three points are very crucial. Tiger Piran usually grows taller, so we need to choose a larger flower pot. 

So how to solve this problem? In addition, the location of the tiger Piran potted plant is also very important(1 gallon nursery pots bulk), to ensure that the environment is ventilated smoothly, the roots of the plant not only see the light in the basin, in order to improve the disease resistance and resistance of the sweet pepper(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer), the leaves of most flower plants They are all green, and there are cultivated places of sweet peppers all over China.

Parasite eggs and various pathogens are generally killed by fermentation(plastic nursery pots). Operation suggestion: Apply organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer to the base fertilizer, and prepare the ground after machine tillage, and pour the bottom water for use. Before sowing, use the iron shovel to “snap” the kneading surface(cheap 2 gallon container), and cover the shading net after sowing (covering single or double layers according to temperature and light conditions).

If the effect of temperature control and water control is very poor, and the sweet pepper still has a prosperous effect(wholesale nursery pots), then at this time, the control agent is used to control the growth of the plant. In the case of small seedlings and excessive soil moisture, high shed temperature and poor ventilation, dead seedlings appear after exposure to strong light(3 gallon pots manufacturer). The sweet peppers are so wet and afraid that everyone can start from here and take a look.

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