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Diseases caused by fungal infection are called fungal diseases(cheap plastic 7 gallon pots manufacturers usa). Fungal diseases are the most numerous of flower diseases, accounting for about 50% of flower diseases. Fungal diseases of flowers generally have obvious diseases, such as powder (white powder), mold (black mold, gray mold, Penicillium, green mold, etc.), rust, granular, filamentous, nuclear, etc(10 inch plastic planter). These characteristics are one of the main basis for identifying fungal diseases.

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Common fungal diseases of flowers include powdery mildew, anthracnose, gray mold, rust, bacterial wilt, damping off disease, black spot, brown spot, root rot, Sclerotinia, etc(29 cm plant pot). This paper mainly introduces four kinds of flower fungal diseases which are most widely distributed and most harmful. member powdery mildew is the most common disease of flowers and plants, which occurs all over the country(cheap plastic 7 gallon pots manufacturers usa). 

It should be noted that it is not appropriate to sparse too much when thinning flowers, because the left flowers can not bear fruit(11 inch plastic planter). The surface of the diseased part is covered with a layer of white powdery mildew. The bright and detailed color always gives people a sense of beauty, but also makes people feel busy at home(cheap plastic 7 gallon pots manufacturers usa). The pathogen overwinters on the remnant of the diseased plant with mycelium or conidia.

Harm rose, rose, rose, plum blossom, peony, peony, chrysanthemum, dahlia, hydrangea, barrel flower, hibiscus, crape myrtle, Begonia, inverted golden bell, guayeju, Fengxian flower, Gerbera and other flowers(10 inch square planter). Powdery mildew mostly occurs in buds, leaves, shoots, flower buds and pedicels(cheap plastic 7 gallon pots manufacturers usa). In the early stage of the disease, chlorotic spots appear on the affected part, and then gradually turn into white powder spots. 

In the later stage, the disease spots become gray, and small black particles are produced on the injured branches(8 inch plastic planter). The diseased plant is short, the tender shoots are bent, the leaves are curly and uneven, the flowers are few and small, or the flower posture is abnormal, or can not open. In serious cases, the leaves shrink, dry, or even the whole plant dies(cheap plastic 7 gallon pots manufacturers usa). The main viewing period of Zhangye school is in summer(12 inch plastic plant pots). Every summer, its leaves grow vigorously.

Repeated infection can occur many times in the growing season, especially in summer and autumn(13 inch plastic plant pots). Pay attention to ventilation and remove diseased leaves. Spray xishibei solution of yufenxiuning emulsifiable concentrate, Yiyu sulfur glue suspension simiquanyuan solution, or Fengyu duojunlingyuan solution, spray personnel times every performance day, and spray exposure times in total(cheap plastic 7 gallon pots manufacturers usa). Anthrax is a common disease in North and South China.

In addition, anthrax mainly damages leaves, but also infects stems, young shoots, flower buds, fruits and other parts(8 inch square planter). Harm orchid, Clivia, brandy, camellia, Magnolia, plum blossom, Milan, fig, rubber tree, palm, ivy, cyclamen, cactus, peony, peony, hydrangea, evergreen, Magnolia, Riley, kumquat, Michelia, kapok, cockscomb, carnation, Hemerocallis dahurica, calendula, winter coral, fishtail sunflower and other flowers(cheap plastic 7 gallon pots manufacturers usa). Some pesticides can be mixed at the same time, while others cannot be mixed.

It starts from the tip and edge of the leaf. Mainly in the early stage of the disease, small round and oval reddish brown spots appear on the leaves, and then expand into brown spots(cheap plastic 7 gallon pots manufacturers usa). The center of the spots changes from grayish brown to grayish white, while the edge is purplish brown. Finally, the disease spots change to black brown, and there are small black spots arranged in wheel pattern(18 inch plastic plant pots). When the disease is serious, the leaves die. 

For example, Botrytis cinerea harms the leaves, stems, flowers and fruits of flowers(decorative flower pots). In the early stage of disease, yellowish brown spots appeared on the back of the leaves, and then turned into brown or black spots(cheap plastic 7 gallon pots manufacturers usa). The pathogen overwinters in the surface layer, spreads with wind and rain in the second year, and is more serious in summer and autumn(plastic plant pots). Control methods: remove the diseased leaves and destroy them in time. 

It mainly affects peony, Paeonia lactiflora, cyclamen, Begonia Begonia, Primula annua, cuiju, dahlia, inverted golden bell, pubao flower, big rock Tung, calendula, geranium, hydrangea, gardenia, melon leaf chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, Xiaozhou chrysanthemum, gladiolus, dupeng, rose, rose, camellia, poinsettia, Yingwei, Michelia, Golden Lotus, lily Tulips and other flowers(cheap plastic 7 gallon pots manufacturers usa). The prevention and control of diseases and pests should focus on prevention.

Different hosts have different parts and degrees of damage(26cm plastic plant pot). Generally, water stains appear at the initial stage of the disease, and then gradually expand to become brown or purple brown disease spots. Gray or earthy yellow mold layer appears when it is wet, and the whole plant dies when it is serious(cheap plastic 7 gallon pots manufacturers usa). The pathogen overwinters in the soil and often occurs in the greenhouse(14 inch plastic plant pots). It is easy to occur when the ventilation is poor and the temperature is too high.

After being invaded by different pathogens, the source leaf spot disease shake flowers will cause local cell necrosis on the leaves and show different spot symptoms(16 inch plastic plant pots). In the early stage of the disease, you can spray Jiufeng yuduojunling wettable powder yuan yuanxiyuan fold solution, Guanyu Baijun Qingfeng Wai fold solution, and be willing to spray yudaisen zinc Feng Yuan fold solution, once a day, and continuously spray wine(cheap plastic 7 gallon pots manufacturers usa).

In the early stage of the disease, we can choose Yuanyu multi bacteria Ling ape one violation double solution, Yuanyu hundred bacteria Qing violation Road double solution, or wish yudaisen manganese zinc pool one violation double solution to prevent and control alternately(cheap plastic 7 gallon pots manufacturers usa). Therefore, attention should be paid to the improvement of comprehensive conditions, especially cultivation techniques and environmental conditions(3.5 inch square nursery pots).

Like black spot, there are nearly round or irregular black, purple brown or dark brown spots on the leaves after shaking, and the leaves turn yellow and fall off in severe cases(15 inch plastic plant pots). Rose black spot is a disease which is popular all over the country and has great destructive power. There are two types of symptoms of the disease: one is that in the early stage of onset, reddish brown to purplish brown spots appear on the leaf surface, and then develop into dark black spots, with yellow halos around and radial edges(cheap plastic 7 gallon pots manufacturers usa).

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