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Cheap Plastic 72 Cell Flats Manufacturers Chile

So how to choose the variety in the hot weather? He said that he wanted to plant eggplants(8 cell trays bulk), but the weather was hot, and he was afraid that the eggplant seedlings would be burned out due to improper nursery management(4 inch pots bulk). The amount of fertilizer is the same as that in spring, but the temperature of planting autumn eggplant is high, and the concentration of fertilizer and water cannot be too high. 

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Generally, the seeds should be soaked with a fungicide agent in warm water at 60-65 degrees before sowing(12 cell trays bulk). After the water temperature drops, soak the seeds for 8-10 hours, and then place them at 28-30 degrees. Sprout. Sowing time is generally from late May to mid-June, so the sowing time must be well controlled, not too early or too late(large potting pots); seedlings should choose a field with sufficient sunshine, dry terrain and good drainage.(cheap plastic 72 cell flats manufacturers chile)

Maintain soil moisture and pay attention to drought resistance and seedling protection(18 cell trays bulk). Autumn eggplants are planted from late June to mid-July. Planting should choose sunny afternoons or cloudy days. If the soil is dry, you need to pour enough water in the holes in the morning(plastic tree planters). Watering (fixing root water) is also required after planting, and then it is necessary to cover the shading omentum to shade and moisturize to promote seedling survival.

(cheap plastic 72 cell flats manufacturers chile)This article has collected the methods of using peat soil by succulents in succulents for reference(36 cell trays bulk). What I want to say to Huayou here is that there is no perfect ratio. A little more or less is okay, or you should slowly explore it according to your actual situation. You can refer to the ratio of other flower friends in the initial stage(cheap plastic hanging baskets). Peat is also divided into sowing peat. , Planting peat, etc., pay attention to distinction.

Then I gave him the following suggestions. 60% of peat soil + 20% of sand + 20% of granules If river sand cannot be found, all of them can be replaced by granules(40 cell trays bulk). The particles may be perlite, volcanic rock, honeycomb coal, ceramsite, stone, and the like. For adult strains (meat meat that is more than 2 years old), just increase the proportion of sand and particles(bulk grow bags). In addition, Sedum-type soils, the proportion of peat soil or peat soil may be slightly larger.

I want to know the use ratio of succulent soil of succulents(40 cell tray in bulk). Peat soil + sand + particles 1: 1: 1 ratio is very suitable ~ If you want to make the meat more fat, you need to change the deeper and larger flower pots. During the soaking process, constant stirring is required(black fabric bag). As the name suggests, autumn eggplants should choose heat-resistant, disease-resistant, good-quality late-maturing varieties, so you must buy seeds at regular, guaranteed agricultural stores.(cheap plastic 72 cell flats manufacturers chile)

Annotated with humus soil, river sand, perlite, vermiculite, etc., in order to facilitate rooting and robust growth, add an appropriate amount of rice husk charcoal , Bone meal, sterilization and so on(51 cell trays bulk). Watering depends on weather and plant growth. Those who are growing up to manage. Most of those who are not doing well are actually in the dormant period, of course, it is better to have less control(fabric bags wholesale). You can't be greedy for cheap, or you have to be conceited.

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