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Therefore, its stems and leaves are quite like bamboo, and it is always green in winter and summer(sureroot plug trays bulk). If the potted plants are decorated with halls, the study room, the green shadows, and the fresh and sorrowful, it will bring people a good feeling. If it can be raised in a transparent glass bottle (or box), the clear water bottom is new and yellow(162 cell propagation trays wholesale), and the green color fluctuates, showing that it is full of people's favorite.

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The rich bamboo symbolizes the prosperity of flowers, the safety of the bamboo newspaper, the good fortune, and the wealth of life(wilson garden). The meaning is very good. At the same time, the rich bamboo has strong vitality, easy reproduction and management, and is also popular among people(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). However, its buds sometimes grow longer and longer, or if the rich bamboo sticks are invaded by bacteria, they need to be trimmed and replanted.(cheap plastic 72 cell plant tray manufacturer)

The buds of the rich bamboo grow very long, almost longer than the original bamboo, and need to be trimmed(large plastic terracotta pots). Pruning requires a gardening shear (or other sharp knife), potassium permanganate (usually available at pharmacies, plus a little bit when used). The position of the cut is about 0.5 cm from the mother plant(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). Dry the incision, then immerse the incision in an appropriate amount of potassium permanganate solution for about 30 minutes to prevent infection of the incision.

(cheap plastic 72 cell plant tray manufacturer)The plants of the rich bamboo are slim(square grow pots), green and green, and the lanceolate green leaves are sprinkled and the appearance is very elegant. It is best to inject a few drops of brandy into the bottle every 3 weeks or so, and add a small amount of nutrient solution to keep the leaves green. For example, the difference in the ratio of water to water(288 cell propagation trays wholesale), the method of spraying is different, so we must strictly follow the instructions for use. 

The incision treated with potassium permanganate solution was reinserted into the vase for maintenance(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Precautions after the pruning of the rich bamboo: the water-rich bamboo is like rot water, it is not suitable to change the water after rooting. After the evaporation of water is reduced, it can only add water in time(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). It is easy to change the water and cause the yellow leaves to wither. In order to prevent it from growing, do not apply fertilizer.(cheap plastic 72 cell plant tray manufacturer)

Finally, after the soil is rooted, a small amount of compound fertilizer should be applied in time(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), and the branches grow thick and the leaves are oily green. We can go to the market to buy nutrient solution for rich bamboo, but many people often prefer to choose the so-called nutrient solution. In fact, the price is too cheap, often the quality is relatively low, and even some are fake(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). If you use this type of "nutrition solution", it may cause adverse reactions and even death.

(cheap plastic 72 cell plant tray manufacturer)Because many people don't know how to pruning rich bamboos, let's introduce the method of pruning bamboo(plastic plant trays wholesale). All regular nutrient solutions will be accompanied by instructions for use, but it is certain that the nutrient solutions produced by different manufacturers are not the same in terms of use(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). Therefore, if you find that your family's rich bamboos do not appear the same, grow everything as usual, it is not recommended to use nutrient solution.

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