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Cheap Plastic 72 Cell Trays Manufacturer

When using fertilizer, we need scientific fertilization(hydroponic tray price). Only when we meet the market demand can we better grasp how to plant land, but remember to blindly mix and use to prevent side effects and achieve the phenomenon of mutual gram. Therefore, we should adopt relevant technical standards to see the color of the soil(large plastic garden pots). The soil of the fat soil is darker; the soil of the lean soil is shallow. Second, look at the depth of the soil layer.

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Fourth, look at soil pulping and cracking(1 gallon grow bags). Fertile soil is not easy to be pulped, soil cracks are many and small, and lean soil is easy to be pulped, easy to form knots, and soil cracks are small and large. Fifth, look at the soil water retention capacity. The percolation of each plant is slow, and the water can be kept for 6-7 days as the fertilizer land(cheap succulent pots); the soil that does not infiltrate or infiltrate quickly along the crack is lean soil. Six look at the water quality.

(cheap plastic 72 cell trays manufacturer)The soil must stop proper disinfection. Seven look at the phenomenon of the night tide(black plastic planters). Eight to see the ability to maintain fertilizer. The soil for fertility is strong, and the soil for long-term fertilization and long-term fertility is fat soil. Nine look at plants. The soil for growing red head sauce, goose grass, valerian, etc(4 inch plant pots). is the soil; the soil for growing the genus Nigella, the ragweed, the lentils, the wild orchid, the wild onion, etc. are all lean soil.

Third, look at the soil for tillage(nursery tray). The loam soil is loose and easy to cultivate, and the lean soil layer is sticky plough, and the cultivation is laborious. The soil layer of the fat soil is generally greater than 60 cm, while the lean soil is relatively shallow. There is a night tide, dry and wet, not easy to dry and hard for the soil; no night tide phenomenon, soil compaction is hard soil(1.5 gallon container). There are snails, loach, dragonflies, big grasshoppers, etc. for the soil; there are small grasshoppers, big ants, etc. are mostly lean soil. 

The water quality is light and colorless, the paddy field does not blister, or the bubble is small and easy to disperse(plant starter pots). The base fertilizer is generally carried out after fruit harvesting. The base fertilizer is mainly organic fertilizer, accounting for about 70% of the annual fertilization amount, and the nitrogen application rate accounts for 2/3 of the annual nitrogen application rate(plastic flower pots for sale). The top dressing is mostly carried out before the flower bud differentiation.(cheap plastic 72 cell trays manufacturer)

In summer, the temperature of planting Chinese cabbage is higher, and the humidity of the air is high(plastic outdoor plant pots). After that, the development rate of summer cabbage is relatively fast, and it can be harvested from 25 to 40 days per plant. Summer growers need to stop harvesting in real time, and it is necessary to avoid the impact of pak chops on quality(buy plant pots online). The seeds of the cabbage are small, and it is possible to combine the cultivating and weeding at the time of the seedling, and reduce the weeds in the vegetable fields.

The water is slippery, sticky, and it is fat when it is sun or foot(small plant pots for succulents). Drilling a 40-50cm deep, 40-60cm wide fertilization ditch, mixing the topsoil with the base fertilizer, applying the depth of the main distribution layer of the root group, applying about 5 kg of the manure or soil fertilizer, or human excrement About 10 kg, compound fertilizer 0.1-0.2 kg, and finally fill the surface of the fertilization ditch(custom plant pot). Papaya topdressing is divided into soil fertilization and root dressing.(cheap plastic 72 cell trays manufacturer)

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