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Cheap Plastic Bonsai Pots In Bulk

It should usually be sown within half a year of seed maturity, otherwise the rate of germination is very low(wholesale nursery pots). Even if planted within half a year, it is not always possible to get good sprouts. In order to increase the germination rate of the seeds and shorten the budding time, we need to germination. But how do the seeds of carnations germination? Normally, the harder seeds of the outer shell can swell the seeds by soaking for 3-6 hours(2 gallon nursery pots bulk), which is more conducive to germination.

(bulk buy cheap plastic bonsai pots)But the carnation seed shell is not very hard, so you can not do so(plastic nursery pots). When reproducing by playing, it is recommended to use a transparent glass, soak a layer of paper towel and spread it on the bottom of the glass, then spread the seeds evenly on the paper towel, then put a layer of wet paper towel, and finally seal the cup. Ok, the next step is to wait for the sprout(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). The germination process usually sprouts in a week or so.(cheap plastic bonsai pots in bulk)

Usually, the flower bones at the top of each branch are retained, and all others can be removed(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Family potted carnation, carnation seed germination is time-sensitive, and compared with other flowers, this time is shorter, can grow strong, for potted carnation, proper pruning can stimulate plant growth, effective Promote flowering, while increasing the quality of flowers, it can also increase the number of flowers(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). When the carnation grows to 15-20 cm, it can be topped, leaving 6-7 side buds.

(cheap plastic bonsai pots in bulk)Then, how do carnations be trimmed after flowering(plastic nursery pots wholesale)? Before flowering, it promotes the germination of side branches, grows more side branches, and produces more high-quality flowers. After flowering, it needs to be properly trimmed. The germination of the sprouts, each flower branch can retain 12 pairs of green leaves. At the same time, post-flowering pruning can also save part of nutrient consumption(7 gallon nursery pots bulk), allowing plants to quickly resume growth and carry out the next round of flowering reserve nutrients.

Thereby, the germination of the lateral buds is suppressed to a large extent(plug trays wholesale), which is disadvantageous for both flowering and plant type appearance. Therefore, we need to change this situation in time by taking the topping to promote the sprouting of the side buds, and open more flowers, and the plant type will be more beautiful(bulk 10 gallon pots). The first topping of potted carnations is usually carried out when the plants grow 8-9 pairs of green leaves and the height of the plants is about 15-20 cm.(cheap plastic bonsai pots in bulk)

This round of topping is mainly to keep 3-4 pairs of green leaves in each side branch(black plastic nursery pots), and it is more suitable to keep 12-15 side branches in the whole plant. This will not only avoid the nutrient competition, but also allow the nutrients to be too dispersed. At the same time, the nutrients that are saved can be concentrated and transported to the remaining flower bones(bulk 14 gallon pots), which makes the flowering more splendid, higher quality and better ornamental.

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