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As a common indoor potted plant, Peony is very effective(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). It is not only good-looking, but also not susceptible to pests and diseases. It has good value in eating. When indoors can be cultured, for some reasons, the leaves of the peony spider orchids stop growing, and the peony spider orchids are inevitably infected with diseases and infested by insects(72 cell trays bulk). What should I do with the peony sylvestris? The following are the pest control of the five species of peony spider orchids. Let's take a look!

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(cheap plastic carry tray wholesale supplier)The method of breeding peony spider orchid is not difficult(plastic nursery pots). It only needs to pay attention to the water and fertilizer, and give it enough light to grow very well. In the process of breeding, because of the occurrence of water in the basin, poor ventilation, etc., it will suffer from pests and diseases. As for the peony sylvestris, how to do it is actually very simple, it is indeed a pest(98 cell trays bulk), and then it can be solved for spraying. The most common pest in houseplants, it also harms the health of the peony.

Because mites multiply, they are often found to be dense and very disgusting(black plastic nursery pots). Control method: After the mites are found, if the amount is very small, artificial sputum prevention can be adopted, the mites are brushed off with a brush and a brush, and buried in the potting soil; if there are many mites, it is necessary to spray related agents, such as 40% oxidized music(105 cell trays bulk). Fruit 1000 times liquid or 50% dichlorvos 1000 times liquid, spray once every 7-10 days, continuous spraying 2-3 times can be effective.

(cheap plastic carry tray wholesale supplier)In addition to aphids, in the case of dense clusters and poor ventilation, peony spider orchids are also vulnerable to scale insects(wholesale nursery pots). The worm will adsorb on the leaves, causing the leaves to lose their luster, resulting in yellowing of the leaves of the peony, and the whole plant will die when severe. Its nature likes a warm, moist, semi-yin environment. Seeds ovate, 0.5 mm long, broadly leafy. Flowering period from May to July, fruiting period in August(200 cell trays bulk). Born at an altitude of 1600 meters below the hillside or on the stone.

In the case of high ambient temperature, high humidity, and poor ventilation, peony spider orchids may also suffer from leaf blight(plug trays wholesale). Symptoms: The leaves of the peony spider orchid turn yellow first, then turn into brown spots and eventually spread to the whole plant. In winter, the dormant period is treated. It is necessary to cut off the diseased branches, overlapping branches, and branches, thin branches(162 cell trays bulk), senescent branches, inward growing branches and long branches, and prolong the life of the peony orchid by thinning, short cutting and removing.

(cheap plastic carry tray wholesale supplier)Then, regarding the pest control of peony sylvestris(plastic nursery pots wholesale), cut about 10 cm of branches on a mature and well-developed peony orchid plant, which will not affect the success rate of cutting. Therefore, the soil substrate requirements are not high, what soil can be used directly in the home, of course, you can also mix some soil containing organic fertilizer to raise(128 cell trays bulk), such as soil, perlite, pebbles and other mixed soil is also a good choice.

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