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Cheap Plastic Cell Plug Tray Manufacturers United States

Many flower friends react that the flowers they keep in the pots are always not growing well(105 cell seedling trays wholesale). They are not long or not long. They often withered yellow leaves and even die directly. The flowers planted in the yard can grow up casually. Very good, if you have had this situation, it is probably the reason why the flower pot is not breathable. The flowerpot is not breathable and easily causes problems such as suffocation and water accumulation(plug trays wholesale). It is very unfavorable for the growth of plants. Under the environment that is not conducive to self-growth, the plant grows naturally badly. What should the flowerpots have?

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(cheap plastic cell plug tray manufacturers united states)The flower pots that you buy back can't be thrown away(128 cell seedling trays wholesale). Today, I will teach you a few tricks to improve the breathability of the flower pots. If the plastic flower pot is not breathable, it is relatively easy to solve. We can add some venting holes to the bottom of the flower pot or the pot wall of the flower pot, which will improve the breathability of the flower pot. The bottom of the flower pot is too tightly tied to the bottom(seed starter trays). Another reason for the lack of air permeability is that the combination of the flower pot and the bottom bracket is too tight, and the vent hole at the bottom of the flower pot loses its proper function.

In this case, we can use the "pad method" to restore the bottom venting hole like Xiaobian(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). In addition to plastic pots, pots that cannot be perforated like ceramics can improve their breathability by improving the soil. Method: Prepare a straw, make a few small holes in the straw, insert the straw along the wall of the pot, be sure to keep away from the root system(plastic nursery pots), so that the inside of the straw is close to the hollow state, so that the air can flow in, greatly improving the permeability of the soil. .

(cheap plastic cell plug tray manufacturers united states)Note: It is best to insert the straw after watering(162 cell seed starting trays), because water can increase the viscosity of the soil, and it is easier to bring out the soil. In addition, the number and thickness of the straw must be determined according to the size of the pot. The above three methods have been tried, the second method is relatively simple and the effect is good, it is recommended to use! In addition to the breathability of the flower pot, the permeability of the pot soil is also good(plastic nursery pots wholesale), you can participate in the pot Charcoal, burnt coal, vermiculite, perlite and other materials with better permeability.

Don't throw the most common peanut shell in the house(200 cell seed starting trays). It is a small expert who helps plants to ventilate and ventilate. It is very suitable for raising orchids. Grind the peanut shell and put it in a plastic bottle for a few days, and tighten the lid of the plastic bottle. Change the water once a day, wait for about half a month to pour off the water, and dry the peanut shell for one day. When mixing soil(black plastic nursery pots), mix the soaked peanut shell and soil in a ratio of 1:2. After eating the walnuts, don't throw the shell again. Put a walnut shell in the pot to prevent both stagnant water and fertilizer.(cheap plastic cell plug tray manufacturers united states)

Moreover, it can also increase the value of the potting soil, and then not afraid of the roots of flowers and plants at home(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). Remember that the walnut shell should be placed at the bottom of the flower pot. If some shells are large, remember to break them, then fill the soil above, you can raise the flowers with confidence. We all know that the sponge has good water absorption. Is it a good way to absorb water at the bottom of the basin(plastic nursery pots manufacturers)? It can prevent too much water from the bottom of the basin, ensuring that the plants will not rotten and naturally grow.

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