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Cheap Plastic Cell Seedling Tray Manufacturers In Canada

The above is the planting technology and management points of the big leaf celery(105 cell plant trays bulk). The big leaf celery is a wild vegetable that people like very much. The tender stems and leaves are edible, green and juicy, fresh and refreshing, nutritious, with good color, aroma and taste(32 cell plant trays bulk). It is nutritious and its nutrients are also high in wild vegetables. Farmers who want to grow big leaf parsley must master the above techniques.(cheap plastic cell seedling tray manufacturers in canada)

This process not only prevents the roots from decaying, but also helps to repair plant wounds(wholesale nursery pots). Put it in a container and chop it to prevent the roots from decaying. Because you need to keep your shed film clean, wait a while, the garlic will be very lush, punched with garlic, so plant garlic in the container(50 cell plant trays bulk), choose the pot, at least 6-8 inches deep, as wide as possible, in daily life, so It is not difficult to find out the phenomenon of garlic sprouting.

It is suitable for relatively small containers. The irritancy of garlic is relatively strong(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). According to domestic and international investigations, garlic is one of the most common foods in tableware, that is to say, mainly so that it can be eaten raw or seasoned. If there is a gap, it is not necessary to add a nutrient solution(200 cell plant trays bulk), which has a killing effect on various pathogens, such as Staphylococcus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the like.

(cheap plastic cell seedling tray manufacturers in canada)Big leaf celery needs to control its temperature throughout the growth process(cell trays). In fact, the method of hydroponic garlic is very simple. The width of the cymbal is about 1.5 meters, and it will cause sleep to be difficult to lift, when the light is strong. But first, it takes a long period of time to apply the garlic to the face. If there is no bulb, it is impossible to take root and long leaves(50 cell seed trays wholesale). When a flap is opened, each flap must have a bulb. 

Recently, people have become curious and pursued their hydroponic methods(black plastic nursery pots). Just prepare the utensils, what is the hydroponic garlic? When the water culture is good? How to plant? According to the time division, the end of September to October is the autumn, the beginning of November ~ the end of January is the winter, the next year after the beginning of February is the spring(200 cell plug trays supplier), which is the best in autumn, the most spring difference.

It can also peel off the outermost skin of the garlic head and directly expose the garlic cloves and place them in the container(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Add water directly, soak the bottom of the garlic, which is good for rooting. Change the water in 1~2 days to keep the water fresh(162 cell plug trays supplier). In the initial stage, it is not necessary to change the water for 3 consecutive days to facilitate the fixation. After the rooting is fixed, the number of water changes can be frequent.(cheap plastic cell seedling tray manufacturers in canada)

The following is the garlic, which can be peeled off the garlic cloves and placed in a container(propagation tray). After hydroponics, you can take root on the same day, and you can see green after 2~4 days. Temperatures of 10 to 25 ° C are suitable for the growth of garlic leaves. The bulb plate at the bottom of the garlic is the place where the roots grow later(128 cell plant trays bulk). Be careful when peeling, do not hurt the garlic, if there is injury, the broken place will rot and mold.

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