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Cheap Plastic Cell Seedling Trays Manufacturers California

The choice of the tray. The plug tray is an important carrier for seedling tray seedlings(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). It is divided into polystyrene foam plug trays and plastic plug trays according to different materials. The latter is more widely used. The standard size is 54cm×28cm, and there are 20, 50, 72, 128, 200, 288. 400,512 seedling holes. The choice of the number of holes in the seedlings is related to the type of vegetables and the length of the seedlings(wholesale nursery pots). Matrix selection and ratio. The root growth space and the rhizosphere environment of the seedling seedlings differ greatly from the traditional seedlings.

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(cheap plastic cell seedling trays manufacturers california)The seedling substrate suitable for the growth of the roots of the plugs should have the following characteristics: strong fertilizer-preserving ability(36 cell propagation trays wholesale), satisfying the nutrients needed for root development, avoiding nutrient loss; good water retention capacity, avoiding rapid evaporation of root water; good gas permeability, avoiding hypoxia in the rhizosphere; Decomposition, which facilitates root penetration and supports plants(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Commonly used professional seedling substrates are: Canada's Fafard nursery grass charcoal, American Sunshine (Sungro), Earl (Berger), Germany's Klasman (Klasman) and so on.

It is characterized by PH and EC adjustment, adding water-absorbing agent and slow-release starter fertilizer(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). The water-gas ratio is coordinated and the seedling effect is good, but the price is higher than the domestic matrix. Median peat: The nature is between high and low peat, which can be used as a seedling substrate. Physical and chemical properties of commonly used substrates: The commonly used substrate types for plug seedlings are peat(plug trays wholesale), vermiculite, perlite, carbonized rice husk, sawdust, etc. The physical and chemical properties of these substrates mainly include:(cheap plastic cell seedling trays manufacturers california)

The degree of decomposition of the organic matrix: related to the bulk density of the matrix(40 cell propagation tray wholesale), the total porosity, and the adsorption and cushioning properties of the matrix. The pH of the substrate: the effect on the roots of the seedlings, the pH of the different substrates is different, and most horticultural crops require pH slightly to neutral. The amount of cation exchange and buffering capacity of the matrix: The amount of cation exchange of the matrix is the total amount of exchangeable cations adsorbed by the organic and organic inorganic colloids of the substance(black plastic nursery pots), expressed in milligram equivalents of the substitution cation of 100 gram of the matrix.

The higher the organic matter content(51 cell propagation trays wholesale), the larger the cation exchange capacity, the stronger the buffer capacity of the matrix, and the stronger the water retention and fertilizer retention capacity. The total porosity of the matrix: the sum of the matrix water holding pores and the venting pores. The total porosity of the ideal matrix is between 80% and 95%. In addition, it is necessary to understand the nutritional characteristics of the matrix, including: the total supply of nutrients in the matrix; the concentration level and intensity level of each nutrient supply in the matrix(plastic nursery pots wholesale); the rate and distribution of nutrient supply in the matrix and the relationship between N, P, and K. Proportion and so on.

(cheap plastic cell seedling trays manufacturers california)Peat: According to the geographical conditions, plant types and decomposition degree of peat formation(104 cell propagation trays wholesale), it can be divided into high-grade peat, low-grade peat and medium-grade peat. Low-grade charcoal: distributed in the swampy zone of low-lying stagnant water, with high decomposition degree and high fertilizer availability. It can be directly used as fertilizer, but it has a large capacity and poor water absorption and permeability(plastic nursery pots). It is not suitable for seedling substrate high-grade peat: mainly leeches It is distributed in the high position of low-level peat formation, with low decomposition degree and small bulk density.

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