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Cheap Plastic Cell Seedling Trays Suppliers Belgium

Discarded matchboxes and bones are burned into ashes with fire(32 cell tray), which contain phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, which are also effective when dissolved in water to water flowers. Broken bones, fish bones, internal organs of poultry and livestock, hoof horns, hair, and nails are rich in phosphate and nitrogen fertilizers(plug trays canada), which can be mixed with pot soil and placed on the bottom of the pot as base fertilizer.

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Generally speaking, thin liquid fertilizer refers to liquid fertilizer that is lighter than usual fertilization standards(72 plug tray). For example, if using decomposed human feces and urine, add water 5 times for general potted flowers, but for seedlings, add water 8-10 times to dilute(hydroponic trays online). For the good-fat jasmine and chrysanthemum seedlings, use only 2-3 times more concentrated fertilizer. Never use large amounts of agricultural fertilizers.(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers belgium)

Before germination in early spring, a fertilizer solution containing more nitrogen fertilizer should be applied to promote its germination and growth(elfin thyme plug tray). Or add 2-3 times of water to soak and ferment, take the upper fermentation broth and add 3 to 5 times of water as top dressing, which is rich in nitrogen fertilizer and some phosphate fertilizer(1.5 gallon plastic container), which has a good effect on promoting the growth of flowers and trees.

(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers belgium)The fertilizer solution with more phosphorus should be applied before flowering and when there are buds to promote the flowers to be big and beautiful(v13 nursery pots). In summer, three kinds of fertilizers containing nitrogen, chicken feathers, phosphorus and potassium should be applied once a month to promote the differentiation of flower buds(large hydroponic tray). After fermentation, it will be made into culture soil and added to pot soil for use.

Fertilization should choose cloudy days, after 5 pm in summer, do not apply fertilizer before rain(nursery tray price). Choose a sunny day when applying dry fertilizer. Phosphorus and potassium-based fertilizers should be applied in autumn to promote the healthy growth of plants, once every half month or once a month(8 inch plastic nursery pots). In winter, only apply basal fertilizer around flower pots, or apply basal fertilizer when changing pots, and no top dressing.

Fertilization can be combined with watering(288 cell tray). Chicken and duck manure is a good flower fertilizer with high fertilizer efficiency and a wide range of sources. Use organic fertilizer as top dressing, and it must be fermented. Potted flowers are lighter than ground flowers, and seedlings are lighter than adult flowers(miniature succulent pots). However, chicken and duck manure produces high heat during fermentation and can easily burn the roots.(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers belgium)

It is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements, and is good for improving soil conditions(v12 nursery pots). Dry chicken and duck manure is applied on the bottom of the basin as base fertilizer, and the fertility is unfailing for one year. Therefore, when fertilizing, you should pay attention to light and not thick(nursery bags suppliers). After fertilizing the day before, watering the fertilizer once in the morning will make the fertilizer liquid work better.

(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers belgium)For example, when soaking chicken and duck manure for top dressing(50 cell plug flats), you must add 10 times of water and place it in the tank, and take the clear liquid and add 5 to 10 times of water after a month. Chicken and duck manure can be dried, dried and stored in the tank for use at any time(large plastic bonsai pots). Therefore, after application, the plants are vigorous, with many branches, large leaves, large flower types and long flowering period.

It can also be made with 50% chicken, duck, 20% grass and 30% garden soil for February to April(mushroom growing trays). After soaking and fermentation, it is used as top dressing, and the fertilizer effect lasts for 2 to 3 months. Use dry chicken and duck manure as the base fertilizer, and the top should be lined with 3-7 cm of potting soil, and not directly contact with the roots(5 gallon tree pots). Fertilization is generally applied once every half month.(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers belgium)

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