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Cheap Plastic Cell Seedling Trays Suppliers Europe

In order to make the flower buds open in time(bulk pots), it is necessary to take decisive single technical measures or comprehensive technical measures, through measures such as shading, adjusting the masking time, increasing the temperature and wiping the buds with gibberellin to promote the flowers to open quickly(10 inch plastic flower pots). After 42 days, the flower bud enters the "opening period" and can open in 2~3 days.

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Blooming (initial blooming period): In order to prolong the viewing time(deep cell plug trays), the flowers should be placed in a cool place where the sun is projected to make the buds open slowly. Do not spray water on the flowers, and water less. It can also be watered with a preservative to extend the flowering period(15 gallon grow pots). Peony is a long-day plant, and artificial light can be applied when there is too much light in cloudy days, and Cailoutai.(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers europe)

The management measures in the greenhouse should be based on the habit of peony growing in the field(plastic planters bulk). The temperature is 10~14℃ during the day and 6~8℃ at night. After a week, the temperature can rise to 14~16℃ during the day and 10~12℃ at night. After keeping this temperature for 15 days, buds will appear(custom grow trays). To reduce the water spray, light wine 1 to 2 times. After the peony buds, it enters the normal growth stage.

(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers europe)The name of Chinese peony species will be introduced below to understand the vastness of the peony flower sea(large plastic planters uk). The temperature must rise to 16~18℃ during the day and 12~14℃ at night, and it can enter the "young bud stage" in 20 days. Therefore, the young buds are tender and weak, and the resistance to adversity is poor(2 gallon grow pots). The indoor temperature must be kept stable. The resilience of flower buds is enhanced.

After 28 days, it will enter the "leaf development period"(plastic planters suppliers). Thereafter, the temperature should rise to 18-20°C during the day and 14-16°C at night. Open skylights to ventilate seedlings according to the situation. It still takes 2 to 3 days to water permeate and spray foliar fertilizer. After 35 days, the buds will enter the "flat bud stage"(decorating plastic plant pots). The temperature fluctuation is not too large, which will not affect the rate of flower formation.(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers europe)

The northern greenhouse urges flowers(plastic plant pots wholesale). Using the method of artificial heating in the greenhouse, the peony will germinate, grow and bloom again in winter. Some management methods and technical requirements are similar to those of Southern Catalysis, but they are different. The main points are as follows(15 gallon grow bags): The potting time should be 45 days in advance under suitable conditions of temperature, sunlight and moisture.

(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers europe)At this time, according to the number of flowers used, move out of the flowering room(shallow microgreen trays). Temporarily not used should be placed in a cold room at 2~4℃ to delay flowering time. There are more than 500 varieties of main peony species, and their names are: white jade, jade plate tuojin, Xiangru, Qingshan Guanxue, Jinxing Xuelang, Xianchi Zhengchun, a pile of snow, Yulou Diancui(3 gallon pots for plants), Sanbian Saiyu, and jade tailoring Wait 63.

The pink category includes National Color Wushuang(succulent plug trays), Qinglong Pancui, Fen'ejiao, Zhengchun, Three Changes of Jiaorong, Baby Noodle, Fenzhongguan, Cuimu, Guanyin Noodle, Spring Green Wave, Drunken Yang Fei, Royal Concubine There are 116 plants such as Cuizui, Lotus Flower, Lotus-like Lotus, Lufen. In view of the fact that peony is the national flower of our country(plastic planters for sale). The people of our country like it very much.(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers europe)

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