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Chinese prickly ash, together with magnolia and ginger, are the three traditional spicy spices in China(50 cell seed starting trays). They also have the functions of opening the taste, strengthening the spleen, preventing and curing diseases. It has been loved by people since ancient times(smart grow pots). The survival rate of transplanting and planting is high. The growth of three-year-old local pepper and one-year-old wild pepper is basically the same.

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The sexual reproduction of Zanthoxylum bungeanum seedlings is poor in stress resistance, disease and insect pests are difficult to control, and the poor quality of seedlings makes the yield of Zanthoxylum bungeanum very low(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). Therefore, more labor costs need to be invested, so it is particularly important to cultivate prickly ash with less or no prickles(200 gallon grow bags). The healthy and pest free green pepper is taken as the scion male parent, which is 5 cm from the ground of the rootstock female parent.

(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers indonesia)How to cultivate prickly ash with little or no prickles(105 cell seedling trays wholesale)? Collect the mature or red prickly ash seeds of wild prickly ash, after wax removal, direct seeding in autumn in loose soil with temperature of 15-20 ℃ and humidity of 80-85%(20 inch plastic planter). When the seedlings grow to 10cm, the rootstock parent with a ground diameter of 0.4cm is cultivated according to the plant row spacing of 10 × 10cm. The fruit is the same as that of the male parent.

They can remove the smell and increase the freshness in cooking(128 cell seedling trays wholesale). It can be cultivated in the vast areas of the South and north of the Yangtze River. The pepper can be grafted into trees according to the above steps and then be grafted again as the scion parent(18 inch plant pot). In the spring and autumn season, the method of cutting and grafting is adopted between 20-30 ℃(9 inch plant pot). The trees cultivated in step 4 are grafted into the place 5-10cm above the ground as the parent. 

When the height of the seedlings reaches 30-50cm, they can be out of the garden and transplanted and planted in the early summer or late autumn(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), That is to say, the volume of remaining micro prickles is reduced by 60% - 95%, the second generation of propagated scion parents(65 gallon grow bags). The second generation of propagated scion parents can be grafted again according to the above method to obtain the third generation of propagated scion parents.(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers indonesia)

In the second year of planting, it can bear fruit for trial production(162 cell seed starting trays). After the above method is improved by asexual propagation, the plant ears on the tree more than three times can be grafted again as the father, and then the prickly free or less prickly pepper can be cultivated(smart grow bags). After more than three generations of propagation plant spike, at least three years old adult tree is one generation, immature pepper plant spike quality is not stable and easy to change.

Especially in the area below 1400 meters above sea level on both sides of Jinsha River Valley, the suitable temperature is between 1 ℃ - 40 ℃(200 cell seed starting trays), so it has strong adaptability to soil, so it is better to use sand for cultivation. All parts inside and outside the tree crown can bear fruit, and the three-dimensional structure has a high rate of strong fruit bearing(grow bag greenhouse). After the experiment in the same plot, it has been increasing year by year to the fifth year to enter the peak production period.

(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers indonesia)Therefore, a large number of young branches and leaves is conducive to the accumulation of nutrition and early flowering(15 cell trays bulk). After three generations of improvement, the whole prickly ash tree has no prickles or few micro prickles, the number of prickles is reduced by 70% - 95%, and the labor efficiency is increased by 40% - 60%(nursery grow bags). As its mother is a wild rootstock, its root system is developed and grows fast, and its growth and reproductive function is much better than that of the real pepper.

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