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Cheap Plastic Cell Seedling Trays Suppliers Middle East

In the bud stage, the flower bud is about 1 cm in diameter and the young branch is about 30 cm long(v15 nursery pots); in the small wind chime stage, the flower bud is between 1.5 and 2 cm in diameter, similar to the small wind chime; in the big wind chime stage, the flower bud is higher than the leaf surface(15 inch plastic plant pots). The selection of scion varieties mainly include Zhushalei, Shengdanlu, Zhaofen, Zhuangyuanhong, Yaohuang and so on.

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Rootstocks can be peony root and peony seedlings(heavy duty plug trays). Scion should be selected from the lower part of the plant.When the diameter is 2~2.5 cm; during the round peach color period, 5~7 days after the big wind chime period, the flower buds mature and become full and hard as peach-shaped; during the flowering period, the flower buds bloom until the petals wither(black plastic pots wholesale). The grafting methods include embedding or splitting.

(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers middle east)ramification is a method of planting one peony into several small peony trees(nursery tray). When the temperature in spring is stable above 3.6℃, the buds covered with scales begin to germinate and swell, and the tops are cracked, exposing leaf tips and flower buds. Grafting is used to breed rare species or have different colors on the same plant(large plastic hanging baskets). The time for seed collection is mostly after the summer heat before the beginning of autumn.

When the temperature is above 6℃(72 cell flats), the leaf buds pull out the stems and leave the leaves, and the flower buds germinate out of the flower stems, and the stems grow leaves with tops. flowering. After the flowers die, flower buds begin to differentiate again in the leaf axils, which form from April to May to September to October(black succulent pot). The small tree after the branch should be pruned according to the number of buds on the "five-flower head".(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers middle east)

The old branches with 2~3 buds should stay 10 cm, and the old branches with 5~7 buds should stay 5~7 cm(germination tray price). After pruning, the roots should be trimmed, and the thick roots and medium roots should be cut off (for peonies processing and used as medicine), leaving all the small or thin roots, and the thick roots or not cutting the small roots and the few roots(succulent plant pots bulk). When the local temperature drops to 4℃, the roots will stop growing.

(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers middle east)When the next year's temperature is higher than 4℃(50 cell tray), the seedlings will germinate, and the underground roots will also start to grow. As the temperature rises, the growth speeds up, and the summer temperature (30~35℃) , The roots fall into a semi-dormant state, the temperature in autumn drops below 30 ℃, the roots grow fastest, and then weaken, so that they stop growing(black plastic growers pots). If there is only one shoot, do not trim it.

Seeds should be harvested in batches(72 cell plant tray). The crab-yellow fruit horns should be picked and placed on the wet ground in the house to complete the physiological maturation process. The seeds should be turned once every 2 to 3 days until the outside is dry and hard. After 10 to 15 days, the inner skin of the shell will crack and the seeds will be exposed(small plastic garden pots). Do not separate the seeds in the sun at this time, just pick them out when sowing.(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers middle east)

The grafting time can be between "departure" and "cold dew"(72 cell plug flats). The best period is before and after "white dew", with a survival rate of 80%~90%. One-year-old strong branches, 6-10 cm long, with strong top buds and 2 to 3 lateral buds, scion should be picked and used at any time, and those that are not used temporarily should be protected(teku plastic nursery pots). Peony support is not easy to take root, it is important to master the appropriate time.

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