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Cheap Plastic Cell Tray Suppliers Ireland

Compared with the traditional seedling raising method(black plastic nursery pots), the seedling raising seedlings can save the seed amount and the land area; improve the quality of the seedlings, reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases; improve the efficiency of seedling production, reduce the cost; facilitate long-distance transportation; facilitate unified management, promote new technologies, To achieve the advantages of annual continuous production, it is conducive to intensive production and large-scale operation of seedlings(12 cell trays bulk). Xiao Bian carefully organized a complete set of techniques for seedling seedlings, and introduced how to raise seedlings.

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(cheap plastic cell tray suppliers ireland)Cucumber crops (such as watermelon, melon, cucumber, etc.) are raised about 25-30 days before planting(plastic nursery pots). The plug tray is an important carrier for seedling tray seedlings, and there are 20, 50, 72, 128, 200, 288, 512 and other numbers of seedling holes. Among them, 50-hole trays are suitable for seedlings such as eggplant and melon, and 72-hole trays are suitable for seedlings of solanaceous fruits, melons, beans, etc(18 cell trays bulk). 128-well trays are suitable for seedlings of leafy vegetables, cabbages, short-aged tomatoes, peppers, etc. .

According to the actual situation of coastal areas in South China(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the selection of the number of holes in the seedlings is related to the type of vegetables and the length of the seedlings and the season. Because the growth space and root environment of plug seedlings are very different from traditional seedlings, the seedling substrate suitable for plug root growth should be rich in texture, loose in texture(6 cell trays bulk), strong in fertilizer and water retention, slightly acidic or neutral, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Reasonable ratio, and basically eliminate the survival conditions of pests and diseases.

(cheap plastic cell tray suppliers ireland)Whether the seed needs germination depends on the situation(wholesale nursery pots). Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables have slower germination and can be germinated. Stir with water until the substrate is held tightly to form, but no water droplets are formed. Solanaceae vegetables are generally grown 60-70 days before planting; the substrate is the basis for cultivating strong seedlings(24 cell trays bulk). Rice husks, mushroom slag, coco peat, compost, and humus can be used for matrix configuration, shortening seedling age and saving seedling time. ;

At present, the seedling substrate is produced by a professional factory(plug trays wholesale). The main raw materials are peat and vermiculite, which can be purchased and used directly. It is convenient, time-saving and labor-saving. At the same time, chemical fertilizer can be added appropriately to ensure balanced nutrition. Generally, 300-500 g of urea, 2-3 kg of superphosphate and 1 kg of diammonium phosphate can be added per cubic meter of nursery soil(4 cell trays bulk). When disposing, the materials should be evenly mixed, fully decomposed and disinfected before use.

(cheap plastic cell tray suppliers ireland)The main methods are as follows: local areas can be taken locally according to the local conditions(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Commonly used disinfectants are trisodium phosphate, formalin, and potassium permanganate. Remove the surface mucus, place it in the nursery tray, and pour the seedbed with water before planting. Gently place the seeds in the middle of the hole and cover with the substrate(8 cell trays bulk). Then the seedling trays are neatly discharged on the seedbed, covered with a layer of white mulch to moisturize, and when the buds are extended, the mulch is removed in time.

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