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Cheap Plastic Cell Tray Wholesale Suppliers Kenya

From seeding to maintenance, it requires well-trained personnel(4.92inch plastic plant pots). It requires professional skills to supply the nutrients needed for root development. The smaller the hole, the more susceptible the seedlings are to external environmental conditions. The deeper the hole, the more air, the root hair is good. More, the specifications of the plugs for different crops. Cucumbers such as pumpkin, watermelon, melon, and melon use 20 points, sometimes 50 points, cucumbers use 72 points or 128 points(plastic nursery pots), and Solanaceae vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers use 128 points and 200 points.

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(cheap plastic cell tray wholesale suppliers kenya)A reasonable ratio of dry charcoal, vermiculite and perlite to the dry matrix should be moistened before filling(5.12inch plastic plant pots). The temperature difference between day and night, that is, low nights (especially two hours before dawn), leafy vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, celery can use 200 or 288 points. The water retention capacity is good, the root moisture is quickly evaporated and dried, and the gas permeability is good, so that the carbon dioxide exhaled from the root is easily exchanged with the oxygen in the atmosphere(plastic nursery pots wholesale), avoiding or reducing the hypoxia of the root, facilitating root penetration and supporting the plant.

Adjust the initial pH (generally 5.5-5.8) and the initial EC (<1.0), the filling should be uniform(6.5inch plastic plant pots); not too imaginary, but not too tight; must supplement nutrients, use water-soluble compound chemical fertilizer, the quality of fertilizer To be reliable, the NPK ratio should be appropriate and alternately applied according to different crops and different seedling ages. Light intensity: Shorter between the nodes under strong light, light quality: red light will inhibit stem growth, and far red light will promote internode elongation(black plastic nursery pots). Temperature: High temperature, especially at night, is easy to cause seedlings.

(cheap plastic cell tray wholesale suppliers kenya)Cabbage, tomatoes: 9-13C during the day, 13-15C at night(5.5inch plastic plant pots), pepper, eggplant: 18C during the day, 20-21C fertilizer at night (limited). Machinery: Lightly brush the plants (10-20 times / day) to shake the fan. Role: Enhance the adaptability to various growth stresses, so that the seedlings can resist the unfavorable storage and transportation process, and can grow rapidly after transplanting, strong fertilizer retention, and avoid nutrient loss(plug trays wholesale). Time: 3-5 days mode: increase ventilation, reduce water, reduce fertilization, increase light.

In the form of nutrient solution, the light-weight substrate is mainly used(6.3inch plastic plant pots). The most popular part is man-machine battle, and a planter PK30 is a personal worker. Now the biggest cost in the nursery process is artificial. Workers in the nursery season are not easy to find. The salary of 80-150 yuan/day is high, the efficiency is slow, and the artificial clock is 100 sets/day. The seeding rate is related to the seriousness of the workers(wholesale nursery pots). The workers at the hour are generally older. , middle-aged and old women, housewives, etc., and later the eyes were spent.

(cheap plastic cell tray wholesale suppliers kenya)To lower the temperature, large seeds need to be perforated(5.9inch plastic plant pots). With the machine clock 3000 disk / day, the seeding rate: 95-98% or more, the largest can broadcast corn, pumpkin, watermelon and other seeds, the smallest vegetables can broadcast celery, lettuce, lettuce, etc., flowers can broadcast petunia, etc. Millions of seeds, regular peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, cabbage, oil, wheat, etc. can be broadcast(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). With a pressure hole function and can be turned over 90 degrees to see the seeding effect, the whole plate is sown, one plate at a time, and the flip can be viewed for manual intervention.

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