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Dishui Guanyin is a kind of indoor foliage plant(cell trays). The foliage of foliage plant is relatively large, the transpiration is relatively strong, the transpiration is large, and there is more water in the air. The dry weather makes everything in a state of water shortage. But its juice is poisonous, so it should be prevented from dropping into the eyes or taking it by mistake(heavy duty plant pots), causing throat swelling or eye inflammation.

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In this season, you can keep a basin of water dripping Guanyin at home and breathe the moist air at home(plastic nursery pots). That is to say, you can dig out and divide the small balls naturally growing at the root of Dishui Guanyin. If the stem is cut 5 cm from the base of the plant, it can be cutted. For the pruning of potted dripping Guanyin(cheap 1 gallon plant pots), the yellow leaves should be cut at any time, and the petioles should not be broken when moving, placing and curing.(cheap plastic containers for plants wholesale)

There are four kinds of propagation methods in Dishui Guanyin, namely cutting, sowing, tree splitting and root splitting(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). In order to avoid wound infection and decay, it is not necessary to wait for the root length of Guanyin to divide at any time during the growth period. It's very simple to divide the root propagation of Dishui Guanyin(cheap 2 gallon plant pots). You don't need to dig out the whole root, dig out the branch near the main root with the root, and plant it in the basin soil.

Put it in a cool and ventilated place after root separation(plug trays). If there is no fungicide, it can be treated with plant ash instead of under the hot sun. Generally, cuttings will not die, and they will be planted after the wound is healed. However, the wound should be treated with fungicide(2 gallon nursery container wholesale price). Dripping Guanyin, after rooting, return to normal watering, the ramets can reproduce, do not plant immediately, after rooting, return to normal light.(cheap plastic containers for plants wholesale)

In hot summer, the number of water changes shall be increased, and the air humidity shall not be less than 60%(wholesale nursery pots). Take the small leafy taro sprouting around the tuber. Because of the high requirement of water quality, it is suitable for cutting in spring, summer and autumn. When the roots grow too long and too dense(cheap 7 gallon plant pots), it is necessary to cut off the old roots properly and shorten the long roots so as to promote the germination of new roots and enhance the root activity.

Don't water too much after planting. When cutting off the branches and leaves of dripping Guanyin, be careful not to tickle the skin(black plastic nursery pots). If you do, please wash with water as soon as possible. Because Dishui Guanyin is a foliage plant, in the case of improper planting and maintenance, the largest leaves will turn yellow and dry(1 gallon nursery pots supplier). At this time, it should be cut with a knife together with the stem, otherwise it will affect the growth and ornamental of other leaves.

(cheap plastic containers for plants wholesale)This must be paid attention to when cutting Guanyin for potted dripping water(heavy duty gallon pot). If the leaf is only the tip and the edge of the leaf are withered and yellow, and the other parts are still green, you can only trim the edge or the tip of the leaf, and keep the other parts(2 gallon nursery pots supplier). If the plant grows too high or too thin, it can be cut off directly, and many branches will sprout, and the cut can be dried and then inserted into the sandy soil to survive as a new plant!

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