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Symptoms of molybdenum deficiency are usually yellow or orange freckles of different sizes(40 cell plug tray wholesale). The leaf margins are curled up into cups, and the mesophylls fall off and become incomplete or underdeveloped. Molybdenum-sensitive crops are mainly cauliflower and radish, which will not only burn the flowers, followed by tomatoes(v9 nursery pots). Symptoms of chlorine deficiency are usually wilted plants and chlorotic leaves. 

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Symptoms of boron deficiency are usually germination of lateral buds, often with overgrown branches and leaves, leaves shrinking, twisting, chlorosis, wilting, and flower buds falling off(2.5inch square nursery pots). At 1-2 true leaves of tomatoes, the leaves turned yellow and curled, and then new leaves emerged with variegated spots, the lack of green arched upward, the leaflets rolled up(plastic garden pots price). Radish deficient in molybdenum fertilizer showed mesophyll degradation, small leaf fission, and leaf edge upturn.(cheap plastic farm tray manufacturers saudi arabia)

Prepare your own alum fertilizer water(3.5inch square nursery pots). Chlorine deficiency in tomatoes is mainly manifested by the wilt of the lower leaflets withering and growing against the wall, followed by partial necrosis, and the leaflets cannot return to normal. When cotton is deficient in chlorine, the leaves wither, the leaf color is dark green(nursery pots canada), and in severe cases, the leaf margins are dry and curled, and then water the flowers with more than 95% water, and the young leaves are heavier than the old leaves.

Boron deficiency is common in vegetable crops, such as brown heart rot in radishes, woodyness in cucumber centers, and rust spots on tomato fruits(4.5inch square nursery pots). During the cultivation of flowers, symptoms such as yellow leaves, drops, and poor growth can occur. Therefore, I remind everyone that if such a situation is found, you can spray alum fertilizer(4 inch square greenhouse pots). The more aged the alum fertilizer is, the better, if it can be stored for more than two years.

(cheap plastic farm tray manufacturers saudi arabia)This can be controlled with alum fertilizer water(4.5inch deep square pots). The details are as follows: The leaves of flowers and trees are yellow. People often add iron to flowers and trees to make the leaves greener. Black alum (ferrous sulfate) is often applied in large quantities(9 inch plastic plant pots). In fact, this method is not good because it increases the salt concentration in the soil, but also affect the water absorption of the flowers, and finally the leaflet tips and leaf edges shrank and died.

When maize is deficient in boron, irregular white freckles will appear on the upper leaves, which will become white streaks and malformed ears(seedling trays wholesale). Use black alum, manure (poultry dung, dried human dung), and cake fertilizer (cotton seed cake, bean cake, rapeseed cake) with water, and ferment at a ratio of 1: 3: 5: 100. It takes 3 months). Take the above clarified liquid when using, and apply it every 10-15 days(4.5 inch pot), but stop the application during the flower dormancy period.(cheap plastic farm tray manufacturers saudi arabia)

When the peanut is deficient in boron, the fruit leaves shrink. The correct way is also a chemical substance(seed starting trays supplier). Jasmine, white orchid, gardenia, osmanthus, osmanthus, milan, citrus, camellia, rhododendron, orchid, and some southern foliage flowers are planted in the north. If transplanted to the south, the flowers in the south like acidic or slightly acidic soil, and the water in the northern area The soil is a cause of alkalinity(viagrow plastic nursery pots), and it is easy to cause yellowing of flowers and leaves.

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