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In addition to the usual water and fertilizer management, there are three things to do: After the dragon fruit is planted and replaced(sureroot plug trays bulk), the dragon fruit enters the rapid development period, and not only the main stem grows high every day, but also produces many side branches(2 gallon plant pots distributor). In the seedling stage, all of these side branches should be cut off, leaving only one main stem, tied to the cement column, and the main stem is developed along the column.

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Choose from 4 angles to fit and develop healthy side branches, fix it on the tray at the top of the cement column, and open the tree shape of the dragon fruit(plastic plant trays wholesale). When the first branch grows to 60-70 cm, the top of the branch is promoted to promote the emergence of secondary branches, and each of the primary branches retains four secondary branches(bulk 2 gallon containers). Pitaya has a long flowering period, and each flower will grow 2-7 flower buds per flowering season.

(cheap plastic farm tray wholesale supplier)Also cut off the dense branches and remove the excess sprouts to avoid excessive consumption of nutrients(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). After the result period, the old branches of fruit are cut off and new branches are promoted. The fruiting of the dragon fruit seedlings begins about 18 months after planting(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price), and the flowering result period is from May to November every year, and the fruit is matured and harvested 35-45 days after flowering.

Beyond the height of the top of the column, the top of the main stem is capped, causing the side branches to be emitted(square grow pots). After the fruit set, it is necessary to thin the fruit in real time, remove the diseased fruit and the deformed fruit, and leave a young fruit with full development, bright green color and development space for each branch(24 cell trays bulk), concentrate nutrients and promote fruit development. The dragon's flower is usually open at night and fades after sunrise.(cheap plastic farm tray wholesale supplier)

Detailed steps for sweet potato seedlings(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Common diseases include stem rot, anthracnose, etc., and can be controlled by bactericidal drugs such as rust, carbendazim, and strong copper oxide. The key is to adhere to “prevention first, comprehensive prevention and control”, strengthen the ventilation and light transmission of greenhouses(4 cell trays bulk), regulate temperature and humidity, ensure the healthy development of plants, and improve resistance. Pest and disease ability.

(cheap plastic farm tray wholesale supplier)How to grow sweet potatoes, sweet potato seedling technology: seed potato treatment, in order to prevent seed potato disease(wilson garden), can be soaked with warm water or chemicals. During the application of these fertilizers, note that the homemade organic fertilizer is thoroughly decomposed(6 cell trays bulk). After the emergence of the seedlings, the sunshade net is covered at 9-10 am on a sunny day, and the net is uncovered at around 3 pm.

Planting dragon fruit in greenhouses is less difficult to manage than other fruit trees, and it is absolutely simple and easy(large plastic terracotta pots). After the secondary branches grow to a certain length, they naturally sag and form the resulting branches. In order to improve the fruit setting rate of dragon fruit, it is necessary to artificially pollinate(8 cell trays bulk). Therefore, the flowering period should stop flowering, the strong branches can be left 2, and the weak branches can be left. 

Generally, the pollen mixture of multiple flowers is collected in real time, and the pollen is evenly spread on the head of the female flower(bulk 1.5 gallon pots). The ability of dragon fruit to resist pests and diseases is very strong, and the pressure on pest control is not great. Seedlings should be replenished in the morning and evening, the amount of water should not be large(12 cell trays bulk), spray with a sprayer, after 2 to 5 days, transfer to normal management.(cheap plastic farm tray wholesale supplier)

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