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How to build a vegetable greenhouse, what are the materials you can choose(flat plastic tray)? Let me introduce you in detail: How to build a vegetable greenhouse? What materials are used? Generally choose a sunny, sheltered, well-drained, non-soil-contaminated place to build a shed, I am a provincial In most places, the shed face is 5-10 degrees west to the south(seed starting trays). There are many types and types of vegetable greenhouses.

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At present, there are two types of assembled galvanized thin-walled steel pipe types (referred to as steel pipe greenhouses) and bamboo-wood arched greenhouses(plastic grow pots). It is mainly used for spring early-maturing cultivation of tomato, sweet (spicy) pepper, eggplant, cucumber and other summer vegetables (that is, early spring greenhouses spoken by ordinary people) and autumn post-cultivation(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), as well as seedling raising and hybrid seed production.

(cheap plastic five gallon container manufacturer)There are two kinds of specifications for steel pipe greenhouses: one is 2.2 meters high in center ridge, 4.5 meters in span(greenhouse supplies pots), 20 meters in length and 90 square meters in area; the other is 2.5 meters high in center ridge, 6 meters in span, 30 meters in length and 180 square meters in area Meter(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The service life of steel pipes is generally 10-15 years. The bamboo frame greenhouse is built by the growers in order to reduce the production cost.

Generally, it is a water-stained spot when it is damaged, and it rots after expansion(nursery plant pots). It is about 2 meters high and 4-5 meters wide. The general service life is 3-5 years. There is also a bamboo frame small arch shed for winter and spring eggplant, melon vegetable seedlings and spring early ripening cultivation(propagation tray). The grass quilt and the grass hoe are woven with straw, and the insulation performance is good. It is a night insulation material.

The covering materials are as follows: ordinary film is usually made of polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride film with a thickness of 0.1 mm(seed starter trays), The multifunctional long-life film is made by adding an appropriate amount of anti-aging material and surfactant in the process of polyethylene blow molding, the film is not easy to form water droplets, the covering effect is good(4.33inch plastic plant pots), the cost is relatively low, and the benefit is high.(cheap plastic five gallon container manufacturer)

The polyethylene high foaming film in the greenhouse is a white multi-bubble plastic film with a width of 1 meter and a thickness of 0.4-0.5 cm(square nursery pots). The light weight can be rolled up and the heat preservation property is similar to that of the grass. The non-woven fabric is a polyester filament, which is not woven(4.72inch plastic plant pots). It is divided into black and white, and has different density and thickness. It is often used as a shading net in addition to heat preservation.

(cheap plastic five gallon container manufacturer)It is mainly used for summer sunshade and rain protection. Plastic film maintenance(black plastic plant pots). Especially in the bamboo frame greenhouse, the protruding part of the scaffold surface should be flattened before the film is buckled, or wrapped with old cloth. When fixing with a spring, a layer of old newspaper should be padded at the card slot to prevent the film from being pinched(plastic potting pots). Care should be taken when ventilating and ventilating.

Shading nets are commonly used in black and silver, and are available in several density specifications with different shading rates(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). During the use of the film, it is inevitable that there are holes, and it should be glued with adhesive or tape in time. It can also be used for winter insulation(4.33inch plastic nursery pots). It is made of bamboo or small round wood. which is colorless and transparent, and has a service life of about half a year.(cheap plastic five gallon container manufacturer)

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