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This article is a flower friend's many years of jasmine maintenance experience, I hope to help the flower friends(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Therefore, before the potted jasmine, there is a general understanding of jasmine, and targeted conservation, jasmine is extremely sunny, the temperature is below 10 °C, it will sleep, so jasmine should be maintained outdoors(8.89cm square grow pots), can receive the sun, and The longer the sun exposure, the better the growth and the more flowers.

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Jasmine potted plants require culture soil to be rich in organic matter(sureroot plug trays bulk), and have certain water and fertilizer retention capacity, as well as water permeability and aeration. To keep water and fertilizer, water, gas and organic matter, the single planting material can not meet the requirements, so potted soil should be mixed with several planting materials(11.43cm square grow pots). According to the requirements, I am generally a garden soil, humus soil with a certain granular plant material.

(cheap plastic five gallon container wholesale)The method is to use a bucket to lay a layer of garden soil on the ground floor (I usually change the old soil when changing the basin), and then lay a layer of kitchen(large plastic terracotta pots). The rest of the garbage (vegetable leaves, melon skin, fruit skin, etc.), such a layer of soil, a layer of kitchen waste, use a "sandwich" method to spread a bucket(heavy duty gallon pot), while cooking for about a year is a good humus, before use After exposure to sterilization, it will be fine.

This humus is rich in organic matter(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). My humus is self-made. If you want to raise jasmine, know yourself and know each other. Potted jasmine and ground planting are two concepts. I usually use 5 parts of garden soil, 2 parts of humus soil and 3 parts of granular soil(cheap 2 gallon plant pots). After the jasmine is defeated, it is necessary to pruning the flowers in time to facilitate the re-emergence of new branches in the pruned branches. 

Granular soil, I generally like to use honeycomb briquettes(gallon pot), generally honeycomb briquettes after burning, then sieved to remove powder, leaving particles, soaked in water can be used. Mixing the garden soil, humus soil and granular soil in a certain proportion is the best soil for jasmine potting(11.43cm square nursery pots). Jasmine is extremely resistant to shearing, and the jasmine pruning is generally divided into spring shearing and post-flowering light shearing.(cheap plastic five gallon container wholesale)

For novices, although jasmine is fragrant but not easy to raise, how to raise jasmine potted plants(plastic plant trays wholesale), it is best to look at the experience of senior flower friends, not only can take less detours, the key is easier for novices to understand, I am the surface of the vegetable field Cooked soil, collected and heated with fire to kill bacteria and weed seeds in the soil, after the warming of the pastoral soil(cheap 1 gallon plant pots), it will improve the pellet structure, this has been experienced by the flower friends should understand.

(cheap plastic five gallon container wholesale)If the new shoot grows very prosperously, it should be topped when growing up to 10 cm, and promote secondary shoots(square grow pots), then it will bloom more, and the shape is compact and the ornamental value is high. After the new branches grow to a certain extent (the new branches grow three or four pairs of leaves), the flower buds will be differentiated again(heavy duty plant pots), so the pruning after the flowering is repaired. It is very important to protect jasmine.

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