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The original name of the peony sylvestris is the perennial evergreen succulent herb(propagation tray). The flesh is plump, bright and green. The branches grow in a semi-Portuguese shape. It is deep red and red, the base is light yellow, similar to chrysanthemum, the petals are narrow, but the flowering period is longer, covering the spring, summer and autumn(wholesale greenhouse pots). As a common family potted plant, Peony is not only the function of purifying the air, but also has a high ornamental value.(cheap plastic flower planters wholesale)

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The growth of peony spider orchid is strong(plug trays), the top flowering, and it needs to be constantly trimmed and managed during the breeding period, in order to have a shape that is more conducive to appreciation. The saplings in the flowering period do not affect the appearance and consume a lot of nutrients, which affects the formation of flower buds and causes no flowering or less flowering(greenhouse supplies pots). As for the peony plantation in the period of strong growth, due to its rapid growth during this period, the demand is regularly trimmed according to the growth of the plant to ensure the beautiful plant type.

(cheap plastic flower planters wholesale)Some flower friends can set up their own natural growth if they are unwilling to cut. In addition, there is a small cockroach here(gallon plant pot). If you want to make your peony stalks more lush and green, you can adopt the method of smashing the core, that is, cut the top of the long branch of the center to make it grow sprouts and then turn into branches(plastic grow pots). Constantly circulating this movement, the plant can announce more buds, making the plant type more plump, very beautiful.

The peony hanging orchid has a long period of time, and it can be used to view flowers and leaves(cell trays). It is a potted flower that decorates the living room. Many flower friends feedback that a cultured peony spider orchid enters the dormant period, and the leaves no longer grow. After this method, the pests and diseases are prevented from damaging other healthy branches, and the nutrient solution is not required to be spoiled on some remaining branches(seed starter trays), which helps the peony spider orchid to store energy and extend its life in the dormant period, and grows very well in the coming year.

(cheap plastic flower planters wholesale)Let's take a look at it together. Let the peony sylvestris ventilate and transmit light, it is not easy to breed pests and diseases(gallon nursery pots), and it can ensure that the tree is not bad. You can arbitrarily trim according to your preference. The cut stem section is inserted and lived (except for the high temperature and high humidity in June, and the June cuttings are easy to rot). If you don't cut it, you can take a frame and let it climb up(flat plastic tray). It is to smash the middle of the longer branches, so that two new shoots will grow in a while.

Don't throw away the broken ones, and live in the soil(black plastic plant pots). By constantly licking the core, it is more buds, which is very good. It is adaptable and resistant to drought and cold. It grows better in loose sandy loam. The requirements for light are not strict, and a boat is suitable for growing under moderate light conditions and also resistant to low light. The growth temperature is 15-25 ° C, and the winter temperature is 5 ° C(square nursery pots). Carpels 5, oblong, 5-6 mm long, slightly dilated, with long styles.

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