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Cheap Plastic Flower Pot Wholesale Price Ireland

The shape of underwater basin is generally rectangle or ellipse, which is the most common and suitable(v13 nursery pots). Even square, round, boat, Begonia and hexagon are used, but the shape should not be complicated. For the back of the rock, most do not need processing, can be flattened(hydroponic farming tray). The stone is mainly processed in the front, but the side should also be considered, and the whole should be combined with the details.

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At the same time, this kind of texturing method is used to express natural rock materials(elfin thyme plug tray), which has a three-dimensional sense, so it is more natural and realistic than the texturing method in landscape painting. Generally, in landscape bonsai, the texturing of loose stone is mainly processed by manual chiseling(mushroom growing trays), while hard stone is generally inconvenient to be processed, which mainly depends on the natural texturing.

(cheap plastic flower pot wholesale price ireland)In landscape bonsai, if a stone is the main peak, it should be processed first(288 cell tray), and the other stones must be processed according to the characteristics of the main peak, so as to achieve the unity and coordination with the main peak. However, the direction and angle of stone cutting, and how to splice, will affect the effect of texturing(greenhouse trays and pots). Whether it is hard or loose stone, the bottom must be cut flat to facilitate placement.

The main processing methods are sawing, carving and gluing(nursery tray price). Rectangular basin neat and generous, often used to show the majestic and straight mountains, oval basin soft and beautiful, often used to show the beautiful and open scenery, round basin can show the bright and plain mountain water scenery(propagation trays for cuttings). Then, after the big shape is fixed, the detailed processing can be carried out, and the chapped patterns can be carved.(cheap plastic flower pot wholesale price ireland)

When processing, select carefully selected stones carefully observe and scrutiny, according to the need of modeling(50 cell plug flats), determine what part of the reservation, what part to remove, try to take the strengths, to use it for short, part of the essence, sawing. The loose stone can be cut off with a hacksaw, and the large stone can also be removed with a flat hammer first(thermoform pots), and then the bottom can be ground flat, and lack of open artistic conception.

(cheap plastic flower pot wholesale price ireland)As for the square and round type of small and medium basin, mostly used for the performance of independent peaks(v12 nursery pots). In landscape bonsai, if the basin is too large, it will make the mountain appear small and lose its majestic spirit; if the basin is too small, it will make the scenery appear crowded and closed(small plastic hanging baskets). From the mountain wall or valley of the sudden fall of the running water curtain straight down, from a distance like hanging white cloth.

In addition, we can learn from the traditional Chinese landscape painting, and study the relationship between cunzi and the traditional landscape painting(72 plug tray). For the stone with natural texturing to be retained, it is necessary to make the new texturing consistent with the natural texturing, and try not to expose artificial traces(v10 nursery pots). Hard stone is mainly chiseled with steel swab or flat hammer. Hard stone is best cut by a stone cutter with high speed.(cheap plastic flower pot wholesale price ireland)

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