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The fleshy jade plant is small and exquisite, and the leaves are also crystal clear(black plastic plant pots). It feels like a flowing pearl in the hand, very beautiful, very popular with meat lovers. It is also necessary to master some maintenance management skills. Otherwise, once Yulu has problems in the breeding process, we may become overwhelmed(square nursery pots). Today, Xiao Bian takes the phenomenon that Yulu has a rotten root in the breeding process. Why does Yulu have a rotten root?

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(cheap plastic flower pot wholesale suppliers united states)Xiao Bian answers all of you in the following explanations(propagation tray). Yulu has a rotten root phenomenon. We can start from the following three aspects: After many pots of friends bought Yulu, they found that their roots grew better, they were reluctant to cut them, and they went straight to the basin without rooting. It is. In the process of planting, it is inevitable that some roots will be damaged(seed starter trays). When watering is encountered, the wounds at the roots are easily infected with bacteria and rot.

Then, the decayed roots are cut off, and after immersing some carbendazim, the basin can be re-applied(plug trays). If it goes well, two or three weeks will be able to successfully sprout new roots. At the same time, as long as the ventilation is smooth, there is no need to worry about the phenomenon of rotten leaves and falling leaves. People often need to live in a well-ventilated environment to be healthy(wholesale greenhouse pots). If you live in a closed and airtight environment for a long time, even if the turbid air does not suffocate people, it will make people sick.

(cheap plastic flower pot wholesale suppliers united states)The same is true for plants, and if the ventilation conditions are too bad, they are also susceptible to infection(gallon plant pot). If Yulu is kept in a poorly ventilated environment for a long time, the roots are easily infected when they breathe, which leads to rotten roots. If the dew roots are caused by poor ventilation conditions, we should immediately put them in a well-ventilated environment, then take out the plants(greenhouse supplies pots), cut off the rotten roots, then use carbendazim to sterilize and then re-invert the basin. can.

What should I do if the jade is rotten? I believe that after a long time, the plant will sprout new roots(cell trays). Unreasonable soil preparation is also one of the reasons for the roots of jade. If the soil of the prepared soil is too poor, especially the permeability is not good enough, when the water is poured down, the excess water will not be discharged in time, and it may cause long-term water accumulation in the basin(plastic grow pots). As we all know, the most direct consequence of long-term water accumulation in potting soil is the phenomenon of rotten roots.

(cheap plastic flower pot wholesale suppliers united states)Therefore, we must consider the comprehensive when we are to match the soil with Yulu(gallon nursery pots), in order to improve the permeability and permeability. But we can't just use granular media just to improve permeability. Although this improves permeability, it is not good for the growth of jade. The recommended practice is to mix 2/3 of peat soil with 1/3 of maifan stone(flat plastic tray), which not only helps to drain and breathe, but also promotes the growth of jade.

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