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If organic vegetables are grown in greenhouses(13cm plastic grow pots), the requirements for selecting vegetable seedlings are more stringent: the selected seedlings must meet the organic variety certification standards and do not contain genetically modified ingredients, and must be seedlings that have not been treated with chemical drugs. The principle that the temperature should not be controlled by water should be controlled(23cm plastic grow pots). The seedlings should be drenched in the drought and 2-3 times in the nursery period.

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(cheap plastic flower pots manufacturers ecuador)Therefore, the choice of land for planting greenhouse vegetables must be selective of soil rich and geologically thick to avoid uneven light reception in the greenhouse(wholesale nursery pots). In order to cause uneven growth, it is also necessary to choose a long-term sun exposure, comprehensive contact with sunlight, and a well-ventilated area as a planting shed for greenhouse vegetables(14cm plastic grow pots). There are certain requirements for mastering the choice of seedlings in greenhouses.

Sealed with wet soil, in order to prevent people from discharging waste water and dumping garbage near the shed site(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), if necessary, the base sign of vegetable planting can be set around the shed site and nearby areas, giving people a warm reminder or a wake-up call(15cm plastic grow pots). After the greenhouse sheds have been selected, it is necessary to carry out flood irrigation of the pre-plant plots and build a greenhouse with a structure without a vertical hollow drill.

In plastic cup seedlings, according to the market research situation, in order to meet the needs of the market(plug trays wholesale), choose vegetable varieties with insufficient market supply, large demand, strong resistance to pests and diseases, and no pollution. The interior of the greenhouse should be properly planned and the interior should be carefully disinfected. Generally, avoiding the selection of thin soil to prevent future relocation of sheds(16cm plastic grow pots), resulting in waste of land resources and increasing production management costs.(cheap plastic flower pots manufacturers ecuador)

Generally, it is turned over and then turned over(black plastic nursery pots). In order to ensure the permeability of the land in the shed is better, the depth requirement is at least 1m. Try to carry out the work in a sunny weather so that the flattened land can be exposed to sunlight. At the time, the farmer's fertilizer is nourished for the first time in the soil in the shed(16.5cm plastic grow pots). The fertilizer should be made to make the farmer's fertilizer ripe and mix well with the soil, and then carry out the treatment of high temperature and stagnation.

In the later stage management of sheds, it is also a small link that cannot be ignored(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It is necessary to strengthen management. Greenhouse greenhouse vegetable cultivation is still based on real land. Generally, it is convenient for multiple planting, and it should be selected according to the soil environment and natural environment of the planting land(19cm plastic grow pots). Excellent seedlings with strong resistance to pests and diseases. The land in the shed needs to be leveled, and the land should be leveled 2 or 3 times.

(cheap plastic flower pots manufacturers ecuador)When planting, open the hole and fill the water(plastic nursery pots). After 2-3 days, refill the water once and wait until the greenhouse is set up. 5 days before the autumn vegetables are planted, the vents can be opened and the air is ventilated. In the fertilization method, the combination of the application and the universal application can be carried out, and two-thirds of the organic fertilizer is spread to the general application(20cm plastic grow pots), and one-third of the organic fertilizer is applied or applied.

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