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How to plant balsam pear in winter? Winter is the precipitation period of many crops(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). Once the key points of planting management in this stage are not done well, it will easily affect the balsam pear planting in the next year. First of all, you can remove the rotten leaves and bad leaves on the balsam pear vines(3 gallon pots for plants), do a good job in disinfection, clean up the fallen flowers and rotten leaves together, burn them together for deep burial.

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It can prevent and control the spread of disease and pest bacteria and reduce the incidence of disease and pest(bulk 10 gallon pots). Generally, ridge cultivation is adopted, covering fine soil and plastic film. When watering, we should also pay attention to the water temperature, not too low or too high. Small water drop irrigation is the main way. Once every three weeks(hole tray). At the same time of watering, you can apply a small amount of compound fertilizer. In winter, balsam pear has all been picked. 

(cheap plastic flower pots manufacturers in canada)At this time, fertilization is to promote the rooting and development of balsam pear, but do not apply too much(bulk 14 gallon pots). Generally, balsam pear is very sensitive to the temperature change during the period of balsam pear, and the temperature should be controlled at about 28 ℃ in the daytime, which should not be too high(orchid plug trays). This top dressing needs to be distinguished from the previous step, and the mixed fertilizer mainly composed of nitrogen fertilizer is the best.

If it is lower than 12 degrees(propagation tray), it will hinder the flower bud differentiation of balsam pear, resulting in the decrease of the rate of flowering and bearing, and uneven growth of balsam pear. At the same time of ensuring the temperature in winter, there is proper ventilation and light transmission to ensure the normal growth of balsam pear(decorating plastic plant pots). The temperature in winter is very low, so the primary management of balsam pear in winter must be to control the temperature.

The temperature at night should also be kept at about 12 degrees(plug trays). In winter, the temperature is low, and the pests basically live through the winter, which will not cause harm to the plants. But if there is no bad management, it will be damaged by the disease. The common diseases of balsam pear in winter are spot disease and powdery mildew(plastic planters for sale), so we should take these two diseases as the main direction when we carry out disease control in winter.(cheap plastic flower pots manufacturers in canada)

Even if the pruning is only to cut off the dense branches that affect the light and tree type(cell trays), the flowering inflorescence should be cut off from the base to prevent the pod from consuming nutrients. At ordinary times, attention should be paid to pruning and coring to control the shape and size of plants. Every year when the new shoots are about 15 cm long, they should be plucked once and cut again after flowering(15 gallon grow bags). In the classical garden, wisteria is often arranged beside the rockery.

(cheap plastic flower pots manufacturers in canada)When you are young, you should strengthen the traction to make the vines climb on the rocks through chiseling(square grow pots). In flowering money, we need to apply fertilizer once in the soil, so that when it blooms, it has enough nutrients to produce more flowers. In terms of fertilizer, we mainly use phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and add a small amount of nitrogen fertilizer(2 gallon grow pots). After the flowering of wisteria, we need to cut off the extra branches in time, and we need to make a top dressing.

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