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After the lotus root is planted, the top bud shoots out the stem, and the leaves from the first section float on the water surface, which is called "floating leaves"(plastic plant pots canada). Lotus is a kind of aquatic perennial root plant, the underground hypertrophy stem is called lotus root, and the vessel wall of lotus root is mucilaginous cellulose(v16 nursery pots). Lotus leaves are huge. It is better to use fertile clay with rich organic matter.

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The flowering period is from June to September, and the flowering period is 3-4 days(plant cell trays). Most of them open in the morning and close in the afternoon. There are 8 kinds of compound color, such as Erqiao, seed flower, Pinghu Qiuyue, diefei, etc. There are three kinds of green, such as green fragrant ball, lotus green and bean green(200 cell plug trays). Rain and shade. In the north, civil pool should be selected.(cheap plastic flower pots manufacturers south africa)

It is mainly to prevent the damage of shower and rainstorm, causing the root rot in the basin(sowing tray). In summer and autumn, when the temperature is high, it should be protected from strong sunlight. After 9 o'clock, the shade area should be 50% ~ 70%, and the double curtain is the best. Lotus cultivation has a long history(rootmaker trays). The new lotus root pond should be deep ploughed with sufficient base fertilizer.

(cheap plastic flower pots manufacturers south africa)In Sui and Tang Dynasties, there was a lotus pond in Chang'an, Kyoto(plant germination trays). It has the functions of clearing heat and relieving heat, sobering spleen and stomach, resolving phlegm and hemostasis, calming fetus with blood, strengthening kidney, astringency and hemostasis(soil block trays). After the top bud is exposed to the soil, the bud is fixed with bamboo stick, and the plant spacing can be 70-130 cm. Attention should be paid to problems.

Lotus like sunshine, avoid shade, like water, avoid dry, good fertility, like to contain humus acid clay(6 cell plant trays). They are called money leaves at birth, floating leaves when they come out of the water, and standing leaves when they are standing in pavilions. When it comes to Qingming Festival, replant it(288 plug tray). After the lotus root seedlings are planted, place them in the sun. Generally, it is planted between Qingming and Guyu.(cheap plastic flower pots manufacturers south africa)

Cold, withered branches and leaves, underground stem can survive the winter(50 cell plug trays). It germinates in early April, leaves sprout in late May, and blooms successively from June to August. The early maturing period is from July to August. The cultivation methods of lotus include field planting, pot planting and bowl planting(farm tray). When lotus leaves are full, floating leaves should be removed to reduce nutrient consumption.

(cheap plastic flower pots manufacturers south africa)Lotus planting in the South should be carried out in April(7.88inch plastic plant pots). Firstly, the water in the pool should be drained and turned deeply. Then, sufficient base fertilizer (such as bean cake, bone meal, chicken, duck and other dried feces and green weeds) should be put into the pool to make the mud paste(seedling trays). The lotus root seedlings are buried horizontally in the soil, the tail node is downward, and a layer of soil is covered.

The water depth of the pond is about 10 cm, and the water level gradually increases with the growth(seed cell trays). In the later stage, the water depth can reach 30-50 cm, so it is not necessary to change water. In case of rainstorm, the water surface exceeds the lotus leaf, and drainage must be carried out immediately to restore the original water level(v14 nursery pots). Density, general row spacing 2.3 ~ 2.5 m, plant spacing 1 ~ 1.3 M.(cheap plastic flower pots manufacturers south africa)

Pond planting is mainly for production, while tank planting and bowl planting are mainly ornamental(seed starting tray wholesale). When planting, first open a ditch 15-18 cm deep, put the top of the lotus root downward into the ditch, the top into the soil is 12-15 cm deep, the stem is slightly exposed to the ground, and then covered with soil(plug plant trays). The bud mouth of lotus root should be arranged in an inward and outward direction.

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