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On May 15, 2016, the control rate of cherry tomato gray mold disease in the control shed reached 100%, and the disease and fruit rate was 25%(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). The product was contaminated by leaf mold mildew and spoiled and lost its edible value. The total output was reduced by 1000kg / 667㎡(plastic terracotta planters). And in 2017, all the equipment was equipped and used at the base, and the commerciality was not affected.

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For general products, environmental factors such as space size, temperature, humidity, etc(plant start trays wholesale). are installed in the shed, and the equipment is installed and debugged by the manufacturer. Because the treatment time is arranged in the evening or night, the cultivation method is organic ecological soilless cultivation(8 inch nursery pots). From mid-March to mid-late May, the vegetables and fruits were sampled and observed.(cheap plastic flower pots manufacturers uae)

Within 2 years, the leaves of whole greenhouse plants equipped with intelligent ozone generators were randomly sampled and observed for leaf mold and gray mold(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). During the same period, the incidence of cherry tomato leaf mold gradually increased in the control shed from the end of April to the end of June 2015(8 inch plant pot). On May 25th, the cherry tomato leaf mold disease rate in the control shed reached 100%, and the growth was good.

After 2 years of comparative application, it can be found that the intelligent ozone generator has a very good control effect on tomato diseases with long hyphae(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). Cherry tomatoes have no leaf mold or gray mold in the entire growing season, and the full growth period is basically achieved(12.5cm plastic grow pots). Pesticide-free cultivation. In mid-January 2015, the planting was treated according to the daily pest control requirements of ozone gas.

(cheap plastic flower pots manufacturers uae)Investigation shows that the use of intelligent ozone generators in the greenhouse vegetable pepper gray mold disease rate is 0, the control greenhouse disease rate reached 23%(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). In the control shed, the fruit infected with powdery mildew had hard spots of different sizes(greenhouse planting pots). After the disease was controlled, the ozone-controlled daily growth rate of the new leaves of the cucumber plants was controlled by ozone gas.

In the pumpkin shed treated with ozone gas daily, powdery mildew appeared near the middle and late stages of harvest on June 3, 2016(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). Compared with pumpkins without ozone gas treatment under the same cultivation conditions in the neighboring shed, to the end of the whole growth period(13cm plastic grow pots), the occurrence time of powdery mildew in the shed Postponed for 7 days, the control effect is more obvious.(cheap plastic flower pots manufacturers uae)

After the ozone gas-treated pumpkin was sprayed with powder rust, there were no hard spots on the infected parts of the fruit(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). In the autumn cucumber shed under the daily control of ozone gas, downy mildew appeared on October 23, 2016(3 gallon black plastic nursery pots). Compared with the treatment without ozone gas under the same cultivation conditions in the neighboring shed, the occurrence time was the same and the scale was similar.

During the application period(36 cell propagation trays wholesale), the cucumbers treated with ozone-free gas under the same cultivation conditions as the adjacent sheds were treated with methyl cream · manganese-zinc wettable powder at the same time. Faster than the conventional cultivation of cucumber, after the same disease conditions and the same pesticide control(14cm plastic grow pots), the yield of 667 square meters increased by 15% to 20% compared with conventional cultivation.

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