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If the seedling bed is under light and over heated, especially at night, the density is too high, and the seedlings are not moved in time, etc(288 cell trays bulk). The most likely period of overgrowth and serious damage is from the time when the seedlings are unearthed to the time when the cotyledons are unfolded(1 gallon fabric grow bags). The main reason for this period of overgrowth is that the seedlings are too crowded due to too dense sowing.

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There are many reasons that lead to the phenomenon of excessive seedling growth in the cultivation of vegetable seedlings(20 cell trays bulk). However, from cotyledon development to seedling growth to 2-3 leaf stage, if it is less than time seedling, it will lead to excessive crowding(plastic ground cover for weeds). The seeding density should not be too large, so as to avoid seedling crowding after emergence. After emergence, eggplant and fruit vegetables should be planted in time.(cheap plastic flower pots suppliers philippines)

Generally, they should be intercropped for 2-3 times(decorative plastic planters). If the temperature is too high, the seedlings will grow in vain if they are not planted in time. If the weather is continuous rainy from the time of planting to the time of planting, the humidity of soil and air in the seedbed is too high, and the nitrogen fertilizer is applied too much in nutrition(fabric bag manufacturer), but the management fails to ventilate and transmit light in time, the crowded seedling will also make the seedling grow in vain.

For example, eggplant and fruit vegetables generally need to build a seedbed of 2-3 square meters per mu of field, sow 15-25g seeds, and remove the cover on the seedbed in time after about 30% of the seedlings are unearthed(50 cell seed starter trays). And time seedlings, artificial plants and colonization(plastic garden plant pots). When the seedlings grow to 2 leaves and 1 heart, they should be planted (the density should be controlled at 120-130 plants / m2).(cheap plastic flower pots suppliers philippines)

Dilute the seedlings in time. Strengthen ventilation and light transmission, control temperature and humidity(72 cell seed starter trays). Ventilation should be carried out from the time when the seedlings are unearthed to the time before planting, and from the time when the seedlings are slowly planted to the time before planting, so as to reduce the temperature and humidity and control the excessive growth of the seedlings(fabric planter bags australia). Manage fertilizer and water reasonably.

When preparing nutrient soil, we should increase the amount of P and K fertilizer and control the amount of N fertilizer(18 cell seed starting trays). Strictly control the amount of water and fertilization in the seedbed, and do not apply partial nitrogen fertilizer when topdressing is needed. Potion control is useless(garden planters wholesale). In addition, in addition to the above measures, 0.2% of the Bordeaux can be sprayed with equal amount of spray or 50% times with 2000~2500 times the liquid of CCC.

(cheap plastic flower pots suppliers philippines)In summer, the temperature is high(20 cell seed starting trays), there are mainly eggplant fruit vegetables and melon vegetables about 20 days before the fixed value, the seedlings often appear overcrowded phenomenon, so it is necessary to move the seedlings properly, if the size of seedlings are separated, expand the living space of a single plant(30 gallon grow bags). Because the Hulu seed coat is thick and the water is difficult to absorb, it is best to soak it for 24 hours before planting.

At this time, the digging of the shovel reduces the control of diseases and insect pests(40 cell seed starting trays), and when the dense seedlings are unearthed, they do not cool down in time, which makes the overshoot of the seedlings overshoot and appear to be elongated(5 gallon plant container). The three methods of germination can be referred to the article "gourd looks bad, nitrogen and water are applied too much, learn three methods of germination, simple planting".

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