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Cheap Plastic Flower Pots Wholesale Saudi Arabia

Many kinds of woody flowers and fruit flowers(98 cell trays bulk), such as rose, plum, peony, bi peach, osmanthus, camellia, rhododendron, apple, four season tangerine, grape, etc., are cultivated by grafting methods. In the art of chrysanthemum planting, the method of grafting cultivates Da Li chrysanthemum and Ta chrysanthemum(v10 nursery pots). Grafting reproduction has the following advantages.

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Seedlings grow quickly, bloom early, and can maintain the excellent characteristics of the original varieties of flowers or fruit trees(105 cell trays bulk). Grafting is the use of branches as scions for grafting. Commonly used methods include cut, split, belly, butt, flat, tongue, etc. now introduces several commonly used methods(thermoform pots). The cutting method is suitable for smaller rootstocks, mostly for open-field woody flowers.(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale saudi arabia)

can make flowers of different colors and different shapes bloom on a plant, prolong the flowering period and increase the ornamental value(162 cell trays bulk). There are many commonly used grafting methods, and the grafting methods used are different due to different flower types and grafting time(greenhouse trays and pots). It is usually divided into branch grafting, bud grafting and root grafting according to the different scions used, about 3 cm in length.

(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale saudi arabia)It is often carried out when the buds are just about to germinate in the spring and the new shoots have not yet emerged(200 cell trays bulk). Because the sap in the branches has begun to flow at this time, the joints are easy to heal, and the grafting survival rate is high. When cutting, cut off the rootstock 5-10 cm from the ground(nursery tray price), choose the smoother side, and cut it lengthwise with a knife between the xylem and phloem.

Cactus plants are also often reproduced by grafting(112 cell trays bulk). Cut the lower end of the scion into a bevel of about 3 cm, and make a bevel at the lower end of 0.5-1 cm on the other side. Choose one-year-old fruitful branches as scion, tie the plastic strip tightly, take the middle part of 6~10 cm long, need to bring 1~2 buds(propagation trays for cuttings). can repair precious seedlings damaged by diseases, insects, wind or machinery through grafting.(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale saudi arabia)

Then insert the long cut face toward the rootstock into the interface, and align the cambium of the rootstock and the scion(288 cell trays bulk). Tie tightly with plastic strips. The medicament should be used along with the preparation, or it can be prepared into an alcohol concentrate, the concentration of which can reach 4000~10000 mg/kg(v12 nursery pots), soak the cuttings in the chemical solution for 1~2 seconds, then take it out and set the insert.

(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale saudi arabia)Generally, in order to prevent the scion from being drained(20 cell trays bulk), it is best to use a plastic bag to put the scion and the interface together, and then remove it after the scion has budded. Splitting method is suitable for thicker rootstocks. When grafting, cut off the rootstock 10 cm near the ground, and then split it with a sharp knife(plastic hanging baskets). To prevent splitting, wrap it with a rope 6 cm below the cut surface before splitting.

The lower part is cut into a wedge shape, and the bevel is 3 cm long(50 cell seed starter trays). After cutting, gently pry the cut rootstock with a knife, insert the scion, and make the cambium of the scion and the cambium of the rootstock mutually Align (on one side only), you can also insert a scion on both sides of the incision, put on a plastic bag or seal the soil for moisture(mushroom growing trays). Use 7~10 cm long sturdy branches for the scion.(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale saudi arabia)

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