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Water lilies planted in pots are planted at home together with other green plants, which will add vitality and aura to the family(15 cell trays bulk). Tools: porous pots (VATS), water lilies root blocks (seeds), organic fertilizer, water and sludge are used to pour seeds into containers filled with water, put them in 25-30 ℃ warm water for germination(40 cell plug tray wholesale), and change water every day Generally, it can germinate in about 2 weeks.

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After planting, put the small basin into the water tank to submerge the young leaves by 1cm(21 cell trays bulk). During the growth period, the fertilizer should be applied for 2-3 times as appropriate. Do not over fertilize to prevent the water lily from being hurt by the high nitrogen content in the soil and water. The root of water lilies must be planted in the soil in the water. Common water lilies in life are grown in large ponds(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). It is rare to see water lilies planted in pots.

(cheap plastic gallon container suppliers canada)When the temperature rises to 17 ℃ in April, it can be moved to the open air for cultivation(32 cell trays bulk). With the growth of new leaves, the pot was changed and finally planted in a larger pot or basin. Disinfect and clean the tile basin or water tank, and fill in 3-4cm thick sludge(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). A water injection space of 20-25cm should be reserved in the upper part to cut the rhizome with new buds into 6-8cm segments (at least two full buds on each segment).

The top bud of the cut rhizome is buried under the soil surface, and then injected with water for 2-3cm(50 cell trays bulk). After planting, place the basin (cylinder) in a well ventilated and sunny place for maintenance. In summer, the water depth is 25-35cm. At the initial stage of the growth of the potted water lily, the base fertilizer should be sufficient without top dressing(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). Water lily is very like sunshine, and then to ensure a certain degree of ventilation can be.(cheap plastic gallon container suppliers canada)

The water level gradually deepened as the plants grew up(98 cell trays bulk). In fact, in summer, we should master the depth of water, change water in the morning at the right time, and remove the rotten leaves and residual petals in time at ordinary times. A few smaller goldfish can be put in the basin to watch and observe whether the oxygen content in the water is normal(128 cell plug trays supplier). The potted water lily should be of medium and small plant types, such as heilfula, zijenny and Xiafei. 

(cheap plastic gallon container suppliers canada)At the same time, many friends will be attracted by the nimble and lovely appearance of water lilies(105 cell trays bulk). The unique water lilies and exquisite and beautiful water lilies float quietly on the water. With a few small fish, it will definitely be another kind of vitality(2.5inch square nursery pots)! But you can't put the root of water lilies dry, you can put it in the water, or you can plant it in the above container soil Keep water in the container, but freeze it.

Generally, the pond mud is chosen, because the river mud is sticky, which can fix the root of water lily well in the water, so that the root will not float on the water because of loose soil(162 cell trays bulk). Moreover, this kind of soil is fertile and can provide necessary nutrients for the growth of water lily. If it's really a mini water lily, you can choose a container with a diameter and a depth of about 20 cm(3.5inch square nursery pots). The thickness of soil is about 15 cm, and the water above is about 5 cm.

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