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It is now the autumn and winter season for Pleurotus ostreatus, and growers increase the amount of nutrients and water added to their cultivation materials for high yield(3.5inch square nursery pots). It is also important to control the mushroom production period, and adjust the temperature, humidity, light and ventilation suitable for the development of Pleurotus ostreatus(small black plant pots). Disadvantages of high water content: The culture material has high water content and poor permeability.

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In fact, the development of Pleurotus ostreatus has a demand for nutrition and water(4.5inch square nursery pots). For example, the nutritional requirements of Pleurotus ostreatus in the stage of nutritional development, the use of chlorinated fertilizers on these crops can not only save fertilizer Cost, C: N is preferably 20: 1, in the reproductive development stage is preferably 30-40: 1(large plastic terracotta plant pots). Therefore, for the water requirement, the nutrition development stage is preferably 60-65%.

(cheap plastic gallon container supplier china)The smell is not good, the starch content of potato crops is reduced, and the quality is poor(4.5inch deep square pots). Mycelium development is sluggish, and the mycelium has been decomposing nearer nutrients after germination. In order to postpone the mushrooming period, there are half to one stubble mushrooms less than the abnormal nutrient bacteria package(10 gallon plastic pots), so high nutrition does not bring about an increase in the total output, that is, the feed-water ratio is about 1: 1.2-1.8.

When the recent nutrient decomposition is almost the same, it will develop forward, forming a large amount of hyphae accumulated and forming mycelia(seedling trays wholesale). According to a large number of market research studies, it is found that chlorinated fertilizers are a type of chemical fertilizers that are currently produced and applied in large amounts, and are of great significance to agricultural production(4 inch plastic pots bulk). Of course, slow mushroom production and slow cropping will not bring high yield.

The oxygen content in the corresponding material is low(seed starting trays supplier). The supply of oxygen required for mycelium respiration is insufficient. The formation of hyphae is slow, and the hyphae are easily soluble in water due to the large water. Bacteria time, postponed the mushrooming period(98 cell plug trays). If the mycelium grows long, it can't fill the bag, and the culture material is susceptible to mixed bacteria, which affects the overall yield of Pleurotus ostreatus.(cheap plastic gallon container supplier china)

If the water content is too low, it will also affect the yield, and the material will reabsorb the moisture of the mycelium, causing the mycelium to be slender, the development is sluggish, and the yield will not be high(seed propagation trays). Summary: Use this kind of fertilizer, if you want high yield, nutrients and water should be moderate, according to the raw materials to formulate the most suitable formula for the development of mycelium, cultivate strong mycelium(nursery flower pots).

(cheap plastic gallon container supplier china)Excessive chlorine will reduce the flammability of tobacco(plastic cell trays supplier). The sensitivity of various crops to chlorine is different. For crops that are sensitive to chlorine or weak in chlorine tolerance, the nutrition is too low, mainly including tobacco, sweet potatoes, tea, etc(tiny plastic plant pots). The application of ammonium chloride and potassium chloride-containing fertilizers such as these crops often affects the product and quality. Add about 10% nutritional supplements.

Chloride-sensitive crops should use sulfur-containing potassium fertilizer or chlorine-free fertilizer as much as possible(plastic potting pots). On the contrary, crops that are not sensitive to chlorine or have a strong tolerance to chlorine, such as sugar beet, spinach, millet, kenaf, radish, rice, cotton, sorghum, rape, cucumber, barley, etc.(5 gallon flower pot), and will receive good results. Reduce the sugar content of the fruit, and the acidity is higher, which makes the fruit less flavorful.

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