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The colors are also rich and varied, and they are very resistant to appreciation(gallon plant pot). Hydrangea is a treasure in the flower and plant world. However, nowadays it has entered the winter season, and there is no shortage of maintenance management for hydrangea. Pruning is an important management measure if you want to make plants safe and smooth for winter, and also to promote the smooth growth of plants in the coming year(flat plastic tray). For dead branches, we should first cut them off to avoid the spread of dry parts.

(cheap plastic gallon containers wholesale)Its color is changed from white to red, from red to blue-blue due to the influence of pH(black plastic plant pots). Compared to the rose, the winter trimming of hydrangea is relatively simple. For hydrangea, coarse hydrangea, and large flower hydrangea, these varieties of hydrangea usually bloom on old branches. Therefore, we generally do not trim it too much in winter, just need to do some simple cleaning(wholesale greenhouse pots). If we cut off the buds, then the branches that were cut off in the summer will not bloom.

Just do some cleaning work, mainly cut off the weak branches, dry branches and other branches that affect the plant type(plug trays). In the winter, the above branches of the hydrangea are trimmed, in order to control the plant type, so that the nutrients saved by the pruning can be concentrated to supply the branches that are retained and grow thicker(plastic grow pots). For the bad branches of the above forms, not only should they be trimmed in time, but they must be completely cut off.

(cheap plastic gallon containers wholesale)At the same time, hydrangea is a very famous ornamental flower plant in China(cell trays). After all, its ornamental value is indeed too high. For thin branches, usually there are no buds, and it is better to cut the nutrients directly on the plants than to leave them. For the branches, it is usually a messy, intricate branch, and it may be forked many times. Twigs, so there are usually no buds, so you also need to cut them off(seed starter trays). Trimming and shaping can make the tree compact, full, symmetrical, flowery, large, and colorful. 

Promote new branches(propagation tray). In the early spring of March each year, the diseased dead branches and delicate branches should be cut from the base, and 3 to 5 strong main branches should be kept and short-cut, leaving 2 to 3 buds per branch to promote new branches and make them bloom(greenhouse supplies pots). If it is not pruned, the base of the old branch for more than 3 years is lignified, it is not easy to germinate new branches, and it is easy to form the emptiness of the lower part of the plant, which affects the ornamental value.

(cheap plastic gallon containers wholesale)In the annual growth period, it is generally possible to top two times to promote branching(gallon nursery pots). After flowering, the old branches are kept 1 to 2 short cuts to control the height of the plants and promote new shoots. After the autumn, cut off the top of the new shoots, so that the branches stop growing, in order to facilitate wintering(square nursery pots). The seedlings cut in March can be transplanted into 10 cm pots after rooting, and then planted in 16 cm pots in mid-June.

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