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In clonal afforestation, the number of clones, the afforestation area of the same clone and the configuration of clones should be considered(flat plastic tray). All trials should be treated equally, on the basis of impartiality, and the representativeness of trials should be considered(1 gallon plant pots distributor). Asexual propagation can make full use of the genetic variation of trees, and the improvement effect is generally superior to dry seed propagation. 

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In forest breeding(plastic grow pots), the mating design used in progeny determination can determine which kind of fast-moving data and materials can be obtained from the experiment, and the main purpose of experimental design is to ensure the accuracy of the data obtained. The requirements of the test design are: and reduce the error as much as possible(bulk 4 gallon pots). Clone, tree age and branch type are the main internal factors affecting rooting

(cheap plastic gallon flower pots manufacturers usa)Asexual propagation is an important means of propagation of improved varieties(square nursery pots). The most widely used asexual propagation methods in afforestation tree species are transplanting and grafting. In order to improve the rooting rate of cuttings, provide the estimation of test error(3 gallon pots manufacturer), we should not only create a suitable rooting environment, but also consider the internal factors affecting rooting. 

According to Professor limy of the United States, block mixed loading has the following advantages(cell trays): it can prevent the competition among clones for the tree species that are easy to clone propagation, especially when the growth curve and development type of each clone are different, the stand differentiation can be reduced(cheap 2 gallon container). We should save manpower and material resources and provide as much data as possible.(cheap plastic gallon flower pots manufacturers usa)

The area occupied by each processing is called a cell(bulk half gallon pots). The plots should be arranged randomly in the experimental plot, so that the chance of each treatment occupying any plot in the experimental plot is equal, and the systematic error is prevented. Thus, the accidental factors can be distinguished from the test results(nursery plant pots), and the differences between the experimental errors and the experimental treatments can be correctly estimated.

(cheap plastic gallon flower pots manufacturers usa)The topography and soil fertility of Forestry Experimental land are often different(propagation tray), so it is difficult to arrange the whole experiment in the same section. When the same block must be divided due to the terrain restriction, it should also be adjacent to the test site as far as possible(black plastic plant pots), considering the popularization and application of the test results, which directly affects the accuracy of the test and the application value of the obtained results.

Therefore, the whole experimental site is often divided into different sections according to the consistency of terrain and soil conditions. In the same section(plug trays), the conditions should be consistent as far as possible, while differences are allowed between different sections. In principle, the same block should be connected into a piece(seed starter trays), and different blocks may not be together. The shape of the block does not need to be similar.(cheap plastic gallon flower pots manufacturers usa)

Therefore, when selecting the test site, we should consider(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer): the test site should be able to represent the soil and climate and other natural conditions in the future promotion area of the test materials. For example, the provenance test should be set up in the area where the tree species is planted in a large area(greenhouse supplies pots). In each section, each experimental treatment area is arranged with equal opportunity to form a block group.

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