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Cheap Plastic Gallon Garden Pots Suppliers USA

After entering the fall, pay attention to controlling the fertilizer(propagation tray), usually once a month, until the beginning of October to stop the fertilizer. If you don't control the fertilizer. Let the thorns continue to grow, and the soft spheres tend to freeze during wintering. Be careful when applying fertilizer, do not touch the ball. If it is soiled by water, spray it with water. The base fertilizer should be mixed in the culture soil before the basin or before the basin is replaced, such as completely decomposed oil cake(flat plastic tray), bone meal, chicken pigeon dung, etc., and stacked for a period of time to fully integrate the fertilizer.

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(cheap plastic gallon garden pots suppliers usa)Top dressing should be based on plant growth(plug trays), and it can be applied to fully submerged feather horns or oil slick every two weeks in spring and autumn. The fertilizer water must be diluted to avoid heavy grease. It can also alternate between a mixture of 0.1% urea and 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate and apply fertilizer and water to cover the surface of the basin. The family maintains high levels of organic matter(plastic grow pots), such as potted soil, and can use fertilizer alone to keep the environment clean.

However, whether it is the prickly pear bought in the market or the prickly pear that has been planted for several years(gallon plant pot), it should be rehabilitated at the right time. If it is well cultured, it will feel very beautiful. If you don't cultivate well, it will look awkward. The following is a small series introducing the cultivation methods of cactus. And the four season management skills, I hope to help everyone. It is better to plant the upper pot in early spring(greenhouse supplies pots). Prickly pears prefer a hot and dry environment. In winter, the room temperature should be kept above 20 °C during the day and the night temperature should not be lower than 10 °C.

(cheap plastic gallon garden pots suppliers usa)Replace the sink when the spring temperature stabilizes above 10 °C(cell trays). The basin is replaced once a year. When you remove the basin, you can pack the ball in a newspaper or the like. Trim the dead roots, cut the roots, cut off some old roots, and plant them for 4-5 days. It is appropriate to implant the depth into the root and soil surface of the bulb. After planting, it should be placed in the semi-yin. The newly planted thorn pear is not watered for the time being(wholesale greenhouse pots). It only sprays 2 or 3 times a day or in a place with relatively high humidity.

After a new root grows one month later, the water supply gradually increases(gallon nursery pots). Cactus is strong and easy to grow, so it can be used as a grafting rootstock. After replacing the spring, place the pot in a well-lit area and gradually increase the amount of water to make the basin moist. Pay attention to the supply of water and fertilizer during the growing season. When the temperature is high at the end of spring, the light at noon should be covered(seed starter trays). When it is hot in summer, it should be placed on a semi-shaded balcony or on a balcony illuminated in the morning and evening.(cheap plastic gallon garden pots suppliers usa)

Potted soil should remain biased and not refined(black plastic plant pots). After the summer temperature has cooled down, gradually increase the water supply, and gradually move it to the place where there is morning and evening light to restore the top dressing. In the fall, it should be placed in a well-lit area to keep the soil moist. When the weather gets cold, the amount of water can be gradually reduced, making the potted soil biased and stopping fertilization(square nursery pots). When the temperature drops to approximately 5 ° C, it should be immediately moved to a closed balcony or room to prevent frostbite.

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