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Jasmine is a very popular traditional flower plant in China(seed propagation trays). It not only blooms white jade flowers in summer, but also emits rich floral fragrance. After entering the winter, the maintenance and management of jasmine has caused many people to commit crimes. The main reason is that you don't know how to raise jasmine in autumn and winter(plastic nursery pots). If you don't know how to raise jasmine in winter, then the whole plant will die in the coming year.

Especially in the potted environment(40 cell seed starting trays), the jasmine flowers will return to normal growth in the coming year and keep on blooming as expected. Xiaobian will share the management methods of jasmine autumn and winter maintenance. After the white dew, the root activity of jasmine will be greatly weakened, and the demand for nutrients will be reduced(black plastic nursery pots). If the fertilizer is continued at this time, the root system will not be fully absorbed, but it will easily cause fat damage, and eventually the plant may die due to rotten roots.(cheap plastic gallon grow pot wholesale supplier)

After entering the fall, the temperature will gradually decrease and the weather will become cooler(18 cell seed starting trays). In this case, you must not rush to move the jasmine pots into the house for maintenance. Instead, it is necessary to slowly adapt the plants to temperature changes and temperature differences before moving into indoor insulation to keep out the cold. The temperature gradually decreases(plastic nursery pots wholesale), the vitality of the jasmine roots weakens, and the autumn sun's rays are not as strong as in summer, so the water consumption will gradually decrease.

(cheap plastic gallon grow pot wholesale supplier)Otherwise, it is advisable to keep the basin soil slightly dry, and then pour the water after the potting soil has dried(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). If you still water a lot, it may also cause water in the basin and rotten roots. If the watering is properly controlled, the potting soil is kept slightly dry, so that the new semi-lignified branches can be quickly formed into a lignification before the onset of winter(plug trays wholesale). This can increase the resistance of the shoots and prevent plants from being frostbitten in winter.

Plants are also able to sustain life by storing nutrients in the plants(20 cell seed starting trays). If we cut the branches too early, we will lose a lot of nutrients, which is very unfavorable for their safe wintering. Therefore, it can also be considered to be made into slightly alkaline calcareous or gravel soil(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Especially in the northern region, when it comes to the conservation of potted jasmine, today, I will introduce you to the winter jasmine pruning method.(cheap plastic gallon grow pot wholesale supplier)

In addition, after entering the winter weather(104 cell seed starting trays), Xiao Bian suggested that all the twigs should be cut off, and at the end of the cold winter, the Gypsophila seedlings during the nursery period. Then, especially to meet the growth needs of jasmine, if the jasmine plant is large, usually jasmine is suitable for acidic soil environment, and it is slightly acidic(wholesale nursery pots). Therefore, if we are preparing the matrix, the pH should be controlled at 6.0-6.5. It is more suitable.

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