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Cheap Plastic Gallon Planter Wholesale Suppliers USA

Not only the evergreen season, but also the characteristics of drought tolerance and cold resistance(plastic nursery pots); not only widely used in the greening and beautification of the roof, but also can be used as a potted plant for ornamental. Not only has a certain ornamental, but also has a good medicinal value. Fossil grass has strong adaptability to the environment, and almost any type of soil can survive(15 cell trays bulk). As a succulent plant, it has strong drought tolerance, so the demand for water is not large.

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(cheap plastic gallon planter wholesale suppliers usa)It has excellent drought resistance and cooling and water saving characteristics(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The drought tolerance time can reach 1 month and it can still survive. Even so, as a potted plant, we can not ignore the watering, so how to water the Buddha grass? After all, the Buddha grass has strong drought tolerance, and the plant has more pulp, so the watering should be different from other plants(21 cell trays bulk). Mainly based on their living habits and growth status to decide whether to water, how to water.

As the plant continues to germinate and grow, the consumption of water will gradually increase(wholesale nursery pots). After all, the plant needs sufficient water to support it in order to maintain a good growth state. The watering of the sage grass should be sufficient to keep the basin soil with a certain humidity; when it is April-May, that is, when the spring and summer begin to alternate, the basin soil can be properly dried(32 cell trays bulk), so Need to properly control the water, after all, the Buddha grass is more drought-tolerant.

(cheap plastic gallon planter wholesale suppliers usa)If the water is not controlled at this time, the soil may be too moist, which is unfavorable for the growth of the plant(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The stratum corneum of the stem of the stem has a strong inhibition of water evaporation. Even in the dry and hot summer months, there is often no need to deliberately water. Generally, natural rain can be used to meet the needs(98 cell trays bulk). After all, there is rarely a situation where there is no rain for one month, and the Buddha grass can withstand watering for one month.

Spread the Buddha's grass on the substrate and spread it evenly(plug trays wholesale). In order to make the seedlings easy to take root and prevent evaporation of water, a thin layer of soil should be sprinkled on top of the seedlings. After spraying the seedlings, water them in time, use the sprinkler to spray water, and water the water to make the soil soaked. After rooting, it is sufficient to properly replenish water according to the drought conditions(50 cell trays bulk). In the seedling stage, weeds should be removed in time, and the plants can be transplanted up to about 10 cm in 1-2 months.

(cheap plastic gallon planter wholesale suppliers usa)Take the seedlings: You can enjoy it as a potted plant, spread the non-woven fabric on the ground(black plastic nursery pots), pour water once a day, and continuously pour for 7 days. The Buddha's grass can be reproduced all year round. Do it, ask if you should not be too big, transplant: When transplanting, rub the cloth with both hands and roll it into a roll. The length of the roll should not be too long, about 1.2 meters(72 cell trays bulk). Cut the non-woven fabric with a wallpaper knife and roll it with a rope. The ends are fastened to prevent the stalks from falling off during transport.

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